The LED driver power supply development present situation and future development trend

by:MOSO     2020-03-17
In LED to shine at the same time, the LED drive power supply is the key of the development of LED industry chain, life and reliability of the LED driver power supply directly affects the LED light source, long life. So, in the LED industry chain integration development at the same time, the LED driver power supply technology of mature plays a decisive factor. Due to the LED industry obtained the leap type development, has gradually turned to civilian lighting lighting direction from the government, thanks to the country's recent series of encouraging policies for the development of LED industry, but it also brings many problems, LED drive power supply problems were exposed. LED drive power supply market and the downstream industry, especially in the closely related to the development of high power LED street light, but with the improving of the various performance parameters of the LED, LED lighting market gradually rise, wide range of applications, especially in 2012, the industry attention from outdoor to indoor commercial lighting applications at the same time, domestic and foreign markets and customers for the LED drive power supply has a higher request, especially the efficiency of power supply, power factor, the life and precision of constant current, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. Due to the LED application will gradually from a government project LED into civil lighting LED, LED application will gradually subdivision. Though, as single star LED the life of 100000 hours of blasting, but the LED drive power supply does not keep pace with the LED's actual life. Influence of LED lighting products is due to the life of the LED drive power supply itself directly destroy the life of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns; Or drive power supply leads to inefficient LED lighting lamps and lanterns of conversion efficiency and low; Or as a result of the output current voltage instability has affected the light quality, makes the green energy-saving advantages of LED lighting, which affect the popularity of the market. In order to overcome the above problems, such as LED drive power supply, heat dissipation and life without electrolytic capacitor LED driver solution will become the final choice of the market. The future of the LED drive power supply will be in safety, high efficiency and stability without electrolytic capacitor, highly integrated trend development of the small volume. Development trend, 1) According to the characteristics of the LED development a series of constant pressure constant current control electronic circuits, using integrated circuit technology will each LED on the best current value of the input current control LED to the stability of the current, flux and generate the highest output. LED driver power supply in the input voltage and ambient temperature change under the condition of best can control the size of the LED current. ( 2) LED drive power supply with intelligent control function, the LED load current can be under the influence of various factors can be controlled in advance design level. When the load current changes caused by various factors, the primary control IC can control switch on the load current back to the initial design value. ( 3) In terms of control circuit circuit design, to the centralized control, standard modular, development system scalability three aspects. ( 4) In LED lights and luminous flux under the condition of limited, give full play to the LED colour diversity, the characteristics of development of color changing LED lighting control circuit. The development direction of LED drive power LED has many advantages, such as environmental protection, energy saving, small volume, long service life, etc. , which makes the LED general lighting in the future will gradually replace the traditional fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp. Drive power performance is the key to ensure that LED the overall performance, therefore must ensure that the LED driving power supply has the advantages of small, long life, high reliability. The LED driver has the following research hot: 1. To improve the life of the drive power LED is important is one of the advantages of long service life, is about 30000 ~ 100000 hours. Electrolytic capacitor is contained in the traditional LED drive power supply, and the life of the electrolytic capacitor is shorter, approximately 5000 hours, this is the LED driver power supply of the main causes of life, so in LED drive power should as far as possible do not use electrolytic capacitor. 2. Improve the driving power of input power factor, reduce the total harmonic distortion of the U. S. department of energy (doe) released & other; Energy star & throughout; ( 能源之星的级别) Solid-state lighting file regulation: any level of power need to enforce the power factor correction. This standard applies to a series of products, such as desk lamp, cabinet lighting, and so on. Among them, the family residential lighting LED drive power supply power factor must be greater than zero. 7, in the commercial lighting must be greater than zero. 9. IEC61000 - 3 - 2 harmonic content standards in power greater than 25 w lighting should meet the total harmonic distortion ( 总谐波失真(THD) Less than 35%, the power factor is not less than 0. 7. The standard come on stage, to the design of the LED lighting driver power supply put forward higher requirements. 3. Reduce the driving power supply in small volume of the LED itself, that is great for portable products. LED driver power supply should be small as far as possible, make it would be able to load the LED lamp holder. In the process of design, should try to reduce the volume of drive power supply. 4. Improve the reliability of drive power supply in LED work process, the temperature is high, the device aging non-artificial factors can cause fatal damage to the LED ontology. Therefore should join in the LED drive power over-voltage protection, over-current protection circuit, the accident emergency treatment, ensure the LED safety work of the ontology.
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