The leakage switch power supply? Switch power leakage current standard is what?

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
Takeaway: in hydropower project now, switching power supply is essential household items, the leakage switch power supply to do, or many of switch power supply on the market, many function, many brands, too, so, also need to pay special attention to choose. Good brand will avoid the leakage, leakage current switch power supply standard is how much? Here we understand some switching power supply fault handling, so that we know what to do with the leakage switch power supply how to deal with, to understand! What to do with the leakage switch power supply switch power leakage to do, a high-voltage switch power supply through the high-frequency transformer isolation, output in theory there is no leakage. But the high frequency switch metal shell easily induced voltage, feeling giving a person is leakage. Generally eliminated by grounding. Leakage switch power supply to do, there are individual prevention and control of switch power supply on the market, a high pressure part of the process is bad, some solder joints by insulating paper from the metal shell, very dangerous. ( AC220V become DC300V by low-frequency rectifier bridge, capacitor filter, and then through the high frequency switch tube, alternating high frequency isolation transformer, high frequency isolation transformer secondary side through induction alternating low voltage, high frequency rectification, filter become low voltage direct current (dc). ) Switch power leakage to do, the best ground. Or in demand is not high, demolition and casing connection capacitance, high voltage and low voltage part connection of capacitance. Leakage current switch power supply switch power leakage current standard, need to use pressure tester. Through pressure tester for measuring the leakage current value, minus the earth capacitance current value, switch power supply is the leakage current of the switch power supply. Or to earth capacitance disconnect switch power supply, pressure tester for measuring the leakage current value is the need to measure the leakage current value. What is the leakage current in household appliances, leakage current refers to the operation of the electric part and the safety of the insulation between the metal after current. For 220 v alternating current of electrical leakage current is zero. 75MA。 Very tiny. On one end of the hao Ann table in the ac power supply, remove the grounding line, place the communication hao table on the other side of the connect between the metal. The above data compilation source from Internet! ( Judgment remain neutral to the statement, views, not contained in the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the contents provide any express or implied warranty. )
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