The integrated switching IC can provide digital fine adjustment of power output voltage and current to realize accurate control of battery charging

by:MOSO     2019-12-18

AC- The DC power conversion market is undergoing rapid changes. System designers need a programmable switching power supply solution that can adapt to various fast charging protocols, including usb pd 3. 0 PPS specification. Power Integrations launches new InnoSwitch3-Dynamically Configurable- Pro integrated switching IC to provide power output voltage (Voltage step size is 10 mV)And current (Current step size is 50 mA) Digital fine-tuning to achieve precise control of battery charging.

The new device can provide 65 W output power and 94% high efficiency under various input voltages and load conditions, and it can work with the microcontroller, and can also control and monitor the offline power supply according to the instructions of the system CPU.

InnoSwitch3- Pro supports almost all fast charging protocols, including USB power transfer (PD)3. 0 PPS, Quick Charge™ 4/4, AFC, VOOC, SCP, FCP, and other industrial and consumer battery chargers, dimmable LED ballast drivers, and output adjustable industrial power supplies.

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