The future of LED dimming power supply to the intelligent direction

by:MOSO     2020-03-13
LED lamps and lanterns that move light and control, or intelligent lighting has gradually become a trend, whether business or household, or industrial areas, LED dimming power supply has become an important product. Its use brings to light many changes and vitality, meet the diverse needs of people for lights and lighting, simple and convenient to use. At present, LED dimming power supply were varied, but the function of the single adjustable light power supply is still single. Application the most now is to coordinate control system according to demand, to implement the changes in brightness and color change of more human. Future demand for lighting, requires a more healthy and comfortable, more human, more intelligent direction development, especially the intelligent. Now LED dimming power supply intelligent concept implementation also just into the primary stage, the current adjustable light power supply and lighting control system can be set according to the demand situation, or indirectly by manual regulation or by manual regulation, and the true intelligence is anticipation is based on some conditions, automatically to make various regulation of lighting, which requires more intelligent and advanced LED dimming power supply. Future LED dimming power supply not only have the light, but also the function of color mixing, color temperature is required. According to the different colors of the color of furniture, and wallpaper to change the color of the light; According to different season, change the color temperature of lamps and lanterns. In the winter, for example, warm lamplight more warmth; And in the summer, cool color attune is more relaxed. Thus different weather and seasons, the color temperature of lamps and lanterns regulation is also very important. Foshan electrical appliance co. , LTD. , 'LED light' specializing in the production of high-end LED light and with matching lighting lamps and lanterns. Service hotline:; Link; The company's official website: mosopower. cn
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