The future of intelligent lighting control system bring convenience to people?

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
In the lighting system of access networks at the same time, amelia · huntington and she's developers have also realized that why not integrating intelligent building for all kinds of intelligent sensor to the lamps and lanterns? 'A light in every corner within the building, there is light where you can have a sensor. At the same time, due to the lamps and lanterns is directly connected to the Internet, sensor data provided can also through the network real time back to the control center. Yong-tao yu said, 'this also save the wiring and operating costs, covering the whole building sensor system and thus can rely on low cost. Data show that the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting system consumes 70% of commercial building's energy, and use of construction equipment control system can be to promote energy efficiency about 30%. Deloitte Dutch company's chief information officer Eric wu '( 埃里克·尤贝尔) Said: 'through to install multiple sensors in lighting, we can control the refrigeration, heating and air flow inside the construction. In addition, we can understand the usage of building. 'Due to the nature of deloitte itself, its employees are not all follow nine-to-five working hours, the building also need to undertake a large number of customers visit, meeting, etc. This makes management of the usage of each room within the building becomes quite difficult. Which meeting room has been occupied? Which office needs cleaning? Which a few office is no one to come to work today? These details will affect the air conditioning switch, the brightness of the light, even the frequency of cleaning. 'Common practice is, cleaner to the later, will be in accordance with the normal cleaning process in each room take five to ten minutes, or according to the provisions of the contract for the cleaning. But if a room all day long in use, there are people in there for lunch, and the other a room only two people use for 2 hours, so the room cleaning should be treated differently. 'Wu said. Don't underestimate the cost of these looks and humble. In fact, statistics show that, for the office building, cleaning, food, energy cost is the cost of waste disposal, etc, 4 to 6 times - Can distribution statistics from the building there are many people, how to, can better arrange corresponding work to conserve resources. Big data in the future such as HongAn li puts it, 'the production of professional lighting there will be a lot of data and how to put the data in the cloud, the communication capability of using the cloud big data to analyze it, and the application in the field of lighting control, is a concern. 'Philips China and alibaba ( Rolling information) The strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding signed at the end of may this year is an obvious signal - — Philips hope that through alibaba to provide support in the field of big data. Philips lighting division in greater China CEO Liang Hanfeng told the global entrepreneurs ':' through the cooperation with alibaba, we want to be able to analyze the big data, and come up with based on the analysis of more data or mining, through the analysis of the large data after insight into value. 'A memorandum of understanding has yet to have substantial progress, but Liang Hanfeng revealed that the first step of cooperation will start from the consumer data analysis, and turning to professional lighting area. At a supermarket in Dusseldorf, Germany, philips develop retail lighting system in addition to providing appropriate for each section of the supermarket controlled lighting, also become a feasible scheme of indoor navigation. Huntington, after consumer APP installed on mobile phones, in the supermarket in the smartphone camera lights, its lights can send a code to the smartphone, to help the mobile phone for precise positioning. 'Through the APP, consumers can know their position, also can get near your product information. You can even enter the shopping list, by the APP to planning the best route for you. 'Yong-tao yu said. The indoor locating scheme is also used to deloitte building. By the same mechanism, employees can make the building control system lock their precise location, and the user through the APP can regulate body weeks the strength of the light, air conditioning. Intelligent lighting control system can do more, do better, let's look forward to the bright future together.
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