The FCC certification standard is what? Power adapter products of FCC certification process

by:MOSO     2020-03-18
FCC certification standards FCC main criteria as follows, the FCC PART 15 and PART 18 widely used: the FCC standards applicable FCC PART15 C/E/F intent radiation device to test the FCC PART 18 industrial, scientific and medical equipment FCC PART 22 public mobile communication service FCC PART 24 personal communications services FCC PART 25 satellite communications services FCC PART 27 other FCC wireless communications services FCC PART 68 telecommunications terminal equipment FCC PART 15 for intentional or unintentional or instantaneous and transmitting equipment in use without personal license to make the rules. It includes specification, administrative requirements, and other market access conditions. Products are mainly divided into four categories: has no intention of transmitting equipment, intends to launch equipment, without license of personal communications equipment, without license countries on the basis of information equipment. 18 for the FCC Part in work on certain spectrum of industrial, scientific and medical equipment ( ISM) Emitted electromagnetic energy to make the rules, in order to avoid the equipment to have authorized wireless communication service produces harmful interference. The FCC certification procedures and processes, customer submit application form (1 We provide a blank application form) ; 2, customers and our company signed contracts on detection; 3, deliver testing and prepare the electrical schematic diagram, external/internal photos, oscillator circuit diagram, user manual nameplate signs, principle of work instructions (such as According to the product) ; 4, after testing qualified, if is the FCC VOC certification, we can directly issue the certificate and report, if it is FCCDOC or ID authentication, we will apply for information submitted. 5, after the enterprise get the FCC certification, you can use the FCC logo on products. Note: the FCC ID certification need to submit data list and requirements are as follows: 1) The FCC application: apply for company name, address, contact information, product name and model, using the standard information requires accurate; 2) The FCC authorization letter: to be signed by applicant contact stamp and scanned into electronic files; 3) The FCC confidential letter: confidential letter is signed with the TCB institutions to apply for company for product information confidential agreement, to be signed by applicant contact stamp and scanned into electronic files; 4) Block diagram: need to draw all crystals and crystal vibration frequency, and consistent with the circuit diagram; 5) Must want to block diagram and circuit diagram: the inside of the crystal frequency, the number of crystals and crystal vibration position; 6) Line description: requirements for English, describe the function of products realize principle clear; 7) Instructions: requires the FCC warnings; 8) Tag and label position: to be the FCC ID number, and the Statement, the location of the label requirement significantly; 8) Product appearance photo: requirements clear images, add note when necessary; 9) Test report: a test required for, according to the standard terms of comprehensive assessment products;
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