The era of Internet of things intelligent lighting development

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
The era of Internet of things intelligent wisdom city and intelligent lighting lighting development is of high frequency words in recent years, there are links between. In today's era of the Internet of things, the light is more than just lighting features, it has become a kind of language, connect every corner in the world and to convey information. Inseparable from the development of intelligent building intelligent city lighting, compared with the original first rise, intelligent lighting had breakthrough concept hierarchy. Technological progress has never been stopped, warlords to compete in the industry, more and more intelligent lighting products to appear on the market. With the improvement of living standards, the market is rising to the requirement of lighting, from simple lighting requirements, to the pursuit of light and harmonious development of people's health, light and natural. In the era of Internet of things, in order to achieve a higher level of the sustainable development of the intelligent lighting and lighting, cross-border fusion is the only way. From a new lighting lighting itself, the era of Internet of things, the lighting has three levels. The illumination of the first one is the most basic level; The second is the network level, mainly for NB - IoT, including LiFi and future application of 5 g of different communication protocols and network protocol; The third is the service level, based on the interface of the APP or the cloud services platform, to transfer data and information of lamps and lanterns to the cloud platform or server. Light and the harmonious development between man and nature is the development direction of intelligent lighting, in recent years, with the progress of technology and the increase of living standards, intelligent urban development, promoting the rapid development of urban lighting, including road lighting, landscape lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, etc. And based on the sustainable development of human and nature, no matter which in the field of lighting, has much more room for progress. It is understood that the current in the field of intelligent lighting in commercial and household penetration is not high, still need to propaganda and promotion. Landscape lighting, although the recent major cities to develop landscape lighting project, but in fact, landscape lighting should present a historical and cultural characteristics of a city, not the same. In addition, due to improper or excessive lighting and the light pollution is also has a negative impact on human and animal and plant health. Under the new era of the development direction of intelligent lighting, namely to realize city, lights, and the harmonious development between nature. As the humanist consciousness enhancement, people died as a result of lighting arises at the historic moment. During the Frankfurt show earlier this year, experts and scholars have pointed out that the implementation person is too early for lighting. Actually otherwise, the end of last year, xin nuo fly innogy for energy companies, the headquarters of the mount LED lighting system in the Czech republic, with the principle of circadian rhythms adjust lighting, and at a certain time promoting the spirit of the staff, such as people's work and rest and change the concept of light and shade is that due to lighting. In general, the trend of The Times of intelligent lighting has become a city development wisdom, and the direction of its development is to realize the harmonious development between man and nature, the light and realize the sustainable development of lighting
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