The difference between the switching power supply and linear power supply using terminal!

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
The adjustment of the switch power supply pipe work in saturated and by the state, thus calorific value is small, high efficiency, More than 75%) And to eliminate the large volume of transformer. But the dc switching power supply output by adding large ripple above ( 50 mvat5voutputtypical) , on the output side and zener diode can be improved, and the other work of the switch tube is will produce great peak pulse interference, also needs to be improved on the string of magnetic beads in the circuit. Relatively more than linear power supply, there is no defect, its ripple can be done is small ( Below 5 mv) For main switch power supply used terminal is fence type terminal blocks, such as 9500825611 terminals. Install volume requirements for power efficiency and using switch power supply is preferred, for electromagnetic interference and power supply pure sex requirement ( Such as capacitor leakage detection) How to choose linear power supply. In addition when circuit for isolation of most use dc - now For separate power supply (dc to do dc - Dc in terms of its working principle is the switching power supply) 。 Also, used in high frequency switch power supply transformer may be winding up more troublesome. The adjustment of the linear power supply, voltage regulator tube work in amplified state, and calorific value, low efficiency, About 35%) , need to add huge heat sink, but also need is also a large volume of power frequency transformer, when to make multiple sets of voltage output transformer will be more big, in terms of the usage of terminal, linear power supply mainly use the connectors such as XH2. 54 terminals, etc. The above data compilation source from Internet! ( Judgment remain neutral to the statement, views, not contained in the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the contents provide any express or implied warranty. )
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