The development of the charger: quick charge QC1. 0 - QC4。 The development of 0, QC2. 0 QC3. Zero charge difference

by:MOSO     2020-03-17
Quick charge technology changes with each passing day, appropriating the charger market today, qualcomm QC quick charge still dominate the market. Now QC quick charge has developed to the fourth generation, each generation has a revolutionary progress. From QC1. 0 to QC4. 0 updated short of time, not to let the people complain. And because qualcomm old driver on the pedal a coppi, product completely failed to keep pace with iteration speed, carrying the QC1. 0,QC2。 0,QC3。 0 technology products on the market at the same time. Is like a new renminbi issue, the older the renminbi is still in circulation is understandable, there are people in kangxi TongBao said don't past! So QC1. 0 to QC4. 0 exactly how big change, the following compare. NOKIA, a 800 mah battery using two or three days is also not a problem, so tie-in 5 where v0. 5 a charger work well, can with two or three hours, if that is nokia's ruling planet, is not what QC quick charge. After 2010, represented by the android screen smartphone, battery capacity expanded several times, 2000 mah has become a standard ( At present, the top has broken 6000 mah) , if still 5 where v0. 5 a charge, that is, & other; Charging for two hours, call 5 minutes & throughout; , so the charging power must improve. How many more? To 5 v1a first. But still not enough ah, USB - IF stand up and say: & other; Try 5 v1. 5A。 ” Or small, when qualcomm said: & other; We have to take the 5 v2a. ” So the QC1. 0 came out. QC1。 0: the voltage current increase to 5 v2a, charging time 40% time to move on, domestic smartphone erupted, battery life can't keep up with, quick charge becomes one of the magic weapon for the vendor improve the user experience, so the QC2. 0 was born. QC2。 0: compared to the old standard, QC2. 0 epoch-making change the charging voltage, from maintaining a years of routine 5 v up to 9 v / 12 v/v, 20 with QC1. 0 keep 2 a power flow to achieve the same 18 w power transmission, and wire does not need special handling the old wire can be general. Increasing the voltage, power is up, efficiency declined. Voltage of each leg, efficiency drop about 10%, most of this energy is converted to heat, so 20 v voltage file almost nobody use, only keep the 5 v, 9 v, 12 v three gears. No, even so hot qualcomm also feel 5 v to 9 v the pace is too big, lame to the egg, so can to 0. Continuously adjust until you find the most suitable for the unit 2 v voltage, how much the voltage of the most appropriate? Qualcomm has its own unique voltage intelligent negotiation ( INOV) Algorithm, that is the QC3. 0. QC3。 Zero: the QC2. 0 two 9 v / 12 v voltage, based on the further breakdown voltage, adopt unique INOV algorithm, based on 200 mv a set voltage, the minimum test to 3. The highest voltage 6 v 20 v, and backward compatibility QC2. 0. Due to the comprehensive use of Type - C interface to replace the original MicroUSB interface, the maximum current is raised to 3 a, because of lower voltage efficiency up to 38%, charging speed increases 27%, 45% lower fever. QC3。 0 good is good, but Google does not agree, you how qualcomm alone make a line, with my system, you must give me with USB PD agreement, arm twisting but thigh, qualcomm, mainly introduced QC4. 0. QC4。 Zero: promotion power to 28 w again, and join the USB PD support. Cancel the 12 v voltage, maximum output 5 v 5. 6 a, 9 v 3 a maximum output, and voltage profile to continue on 20 mv for a segment. Organization of data from the network.
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