The characteristics and advantages of lighting control products

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
Do you know what are the characteristics of intelligent lighting control system and advantages? Come let us know about the advantages and characteristics are those product! ! ! ! Advantage of intelligent lighting modules: (1) light to adjust: when used for lighting control to a single, independent lights, dimmer control, also can combination of multiple electric group control, convenient to use different lighting arrangement combination form create a particular atmosphere. (2) the intelligent dimming: personalized light setting at random; When opening the lamp light from dark to bright, closing from light to dark gradually, until it is closed, to protect your eyes, and can avoid the impact of instantaneous electric current on the high side of lamps and lanterns, can effectively extend the service life of lamps and lanterns. (3) time delay control: when you go out, you only need to click & quot; Delay & quot; Key, 30 seconds after you go out, all the lights and appliances will automatically shut down. (4) control at: can any lights; remote control switch inside the house Can be fully open and manage every street lamp fitted areas; Can be manual or remote control to realize the random dimmer of lamplight, can realize the functions of remote call control switch. (5) open close: a key to achieve the whole lighting lamp can fully open and a key barrier function. 6 set: go home, in the door with the remote control directly & quot; Home & quot; Scenario, intelligent lighting control system has the following features: (1) system integration. Is the collection computer technology, computer network communication technology, automatic control technology, microelectronics technology, database technology and system integration technology in the integration of modern control system. (2) intelligent. With information collection, transmission, logic analysis, intelligent reasoning and characteristics of intelligent control system such as feedback control. (3) network. Traditional lighting control system is mostly independent and local, local system, do not need to use special network to connect, and intelligent lighting control system can be a wide range of control system, the need to include the hardware and software technology of computer network communication technology support, to make the necessary control information exchange and communication. (4) easy to use. Because of various control information can be displayed in a graphical form, so the control convenient, direct display, and can be changed by using the method of programming flexible lighting effect.
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