The application of LED dimming power supply

by:MOSO     2020-03-12
LED dimming power supply application is combined with sensors, such as through light sensors and dimming power supply automatic sensing indoor lamps and lanterns should keep lighting effects, home lighting indoor lighting can according to different time, season and weather to adjust, real-time adjust indoor light, energy saving and smart. In the corridor, can use mobile garage sensors to integrate lighting switch, when external corridor induction to someone to enter the home, open the lamp of porch in advance. Or at night, a night when the trigger sensor at the foot of their beds, linkage night lighting at night, not to disturb the sleeping man also convenient. The future not only possess the dimming Led dimming power supply at the same time also need to have the function of color mixing, color temperature. This control system can help improve household decorates a style. Such as: can according to different colors of the color of furniture, and wallpaper to change the color of the light, then according to different season, change the color temperature of lamps and lanterns. Such as: in the winter, warm lamplight, more tender, and in the summer, cool color attune is more relaxed. So different weather and seasons, the color temperature adjustment of lamps and lanterns is very important. To sum up, small make up want to say is the application of Led dimming power supply is far from reach perfection, this is just the beginning, with the progress and development of science and technology, more advanced products will be born, changing our way of life, lighting environment also will be more and more intelligent! < Electrical & gt; Focus on the LED light, 10 years experience in special lighting development, professional LED dimming power supply customized service. To the company's website http:/// for more, hotline: welcome to the factory guidance:
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