The advantages of intelligent lighting

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
The advantages of intelligent lighting ( 1) Good energy saving effect of using intelligent lighting control system's main aim is to save energy, smart lighting control system with a variety of different & quot; Preset & quot; Control mode and control components, the light of the different times and different environment accurately set and reasonable management, to achieve energy saving. This approach to automatically adjust the intensity of illumination, make full use of natural light outdoor, only when necessary to get the brightness of the light or point to the requirements, using the least amount of energy to ensure the required illuminance level, energy-saving effect obviously, generally can reach more than 30%. In addition, the intelligent lighting control system for fluorescent lamp dimming control, etc. The adoption of the fluorescent lamp adjustable photoelectron ballast of active filtering technology, reduce the harmonic content, improve the power factor, reduce the loss of the low voltage reactive power. ( 2) Prolonging the life of the light source, extend the life of the light source can not only save a lot of money, and greatly reduce the workload replacement bulbs, reduces the operation cost of lighting system, management of maintenance has become easy, whether it is thermal radiation light source, or a gas discharge light source and power grid voltage fluctuation is one of the main light source damage reason. Therefore, effectively restrain power grid voltage fluctuations can extend the life of the light source. Intelligent lighting control system can successfully suppress the surge voltage power grid, but also have the voltage qualified and yoke flow filter, and other functions, avoid the overvoltage and undervoltage the damage to the light source. The soft start and soft shut off technology, avoids the impact current is the damage to the light source. Through the above method, light source usually can prolong the life of a 2 ~ 4 times. ( 3) Improve the working environment, improve work efficiency, good working environment is a necessary condition of improve the work efficiency. Good design, reasonably select light source, lamps and lanterns and excellent lighting control system, can improve the quality of lighting. Intelligent lighting control system with adjustable light instead of the traditional flat switch control module control panel lamps and lanterns, can effectively control each room illumination of the whole value, thus improve intensity of illumination uniformity. At the same time, the electrical components used in this kind of control mode are solved the stroboscopic effect, won't make the person produces is not comfortable, giddy, the feeling of eye fatigue. ( 4) Achieve a variety of lighting effects a variety of lighting control mode, can make the same buildings have a variety of artistic effect, for construction. Modern buildings, lighting is not simply to satisfy people's visual light and shade effect, more should have a variety of control scheme, make buildings more vivid, more artistic, give a person the visual effects and rich aesthetic feeling. Taking a project as an example, the building of the exhibition hall, lecture hall, hall, atrium, if match with intelligent lighting control system, according to the different time, different USES and different effect, adopt corresponding preset scene control, can achieve the rich artistic effect. ( 5) Management maintenance convenient intelligent lighting control system for lighting control based on modular automatic control is given priority to, manual control is complementary, scene lighting preset parameters to digital stored in EPROM, these information to set up and replacement is very convenient, make the building lighting management and maintenance easier. ( 6) Have higher economic returns from power saving and province for these two estimates, reached a conclusion that in three to five years, the owner can be basic to recover the full cost of the intelligent lighting control system to increase. And intelligent lighting control system can improve the environment, and improve the employees' work efficiency and reduce the maintenance and management fees, etc. , is also a substantial cost savings for the owners.
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