The advantages and disadvantages of DALI dimming power supply

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
DALI adjustable light is a kind of digital control technology, compared with the traditional analog control dimmer are quite different and advantage. DALI dimming technology in Europe has been the mainstream of control technology, is also a very mature technology, DALI dimming power supply has been widely used. Believe that with its prominent advantages and promotion in China will become a mainstream way of dimmer. Traditional analog dimming technology is 0 10 v / 1 - 10 v, silicon controlled dimmer, etc. , are using analog signal light. So using digital signal to the dimming of DALI adjustable light power supply, what's good? The following briefly describes several DALI the advantages of adjustable light power supply. ( A) DALI move light addressable DALI dimmer each led lights will have a separate address, can be a two-way communication, cannot do this is to simulate technology, it can use the lamps and lanterns of a signal to all together after any marshalling to control, to control brings a lot of flexibility, combined with its sensors, timing control can lead to significant energy saving effect. ( 2) DALI dimming anti-interference ability, wide dimming of the chase of DALI dimmer power set dimmer and drive one, dimming range can basically from 0% to 100% of the brightness adjustment, truly realize the green and energy saving. While many analog signal transferred to the 10% cut stability may be that, flashing, noise and other issues. This DALI dimming power supply has the absolute advantage. DALI dimming power supply can be smooth, no flashing light. In this era of advocating energy-saving, DALI dimming power supply can meet the demand of human energy efficiency. ( 3) DALI dimming simple installation DALI system wiring, installation wire has no special requirements, installation also non-polarity request, only requires the isolated from the main power line and control line, line without blocking. Need to be aware of is on the line of maximum current 250 ma, the maximum line length of 300 meters, line pressure drop should be less than 2 v. The traditional analog dimming technology wiring, need to separate signal and power cable, increase the construction difficulty and workload. Engineering used in DALI dimming power supply can be quickly installed wiring. DALI, of course, have some disadvantages that move light, is compared with the traditional analog dimming, DALI dimmer power costs are relatively high. Although from DALI dimming power supply individual point of view, the overall cost is relatively a bit higher, but from the overall perspective, DALI dimming power supply cost compared with the traditional analog signal dimmer, the DALI dimmer power dimmer or low. Because after using DALI adjustable light power supply, in the construction cost reduced a lot. DALI dimmer because of its simple control, high reliability, etc. In the field of intelligent lighting control development momentum is very strong, is expected to become a new generation of intelligent lighting control field are the mainstream of lighting control protocol.
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