The ac adapter power adapter common quality problem solving measures

by:MOSO     2020-03-17
With the development of science and technology, people's living level gradually improve, plus use the universality of the power adapter, power adapter has penetrated into our daily life, become a kind of commonly used power transformation equipment, so its safety performance is directly related to the personal safety of users. And in the continuous improvement of technology, the intense market competition and strict supervision and management of government departments, some small production scale, poor technical conditions, backward production equipment, the lack of technical strength of small businesses are being phased out gradually, increasing the proportion of large and medium-sized enterprises. But in this stage of the manufacturing enterprises are still the power adapter is given priority to with small businesses, and even the underground factory, there are still some manual mill these concern the situation of quality of the products of the enterprise, the power adapter is one example. Today will come under the popularization for you about the quality problem of the power adapter common solutions. The power adapter is a kind of commonly used power transformation equipment, its safety performance is directly related to the personal safety of users, this article is according to the result of supervision and spot checks in recent years reflects the quality problems of the power adapter. To analysis for everybody: 1, under normal working conditions fever does not conform to the requirements of the function of the power adapter is transform voltage, because there is loss in the process of voltage transform part need to consume energy, electrical energy into heat energy, part of the heat through radiation, convection, conduction of three methods for heat into the surrounding environment, another part of heat energy is absorbed by itself, by raising the temperature of the power adapter. Insulation heat resistance law shows that equipment internal temperature rise to a certain temperature will lead to rapid aging of the insulating material, after the shortened product life test, which reduces the safety performance. As a result, the normal work of the power adapter only control at the appropriate temperature range, to ensure its safety and normal work. Power adapter under normal working conditions of high temperature is a common problem, as the world's leading supplier of I T compaq computer company, apple computer has been declared in the global scope, laptop ac adapter may be in part due to work when the temperature is too high, easy to cause fire danger, active recovery in the global and replace the power adapter. In random inspection, found that some products under normal working conditions, the product of printed circuit board and transformer winding temperature rise too high, there is a big security hidden danger. As consumers, in use should pay close attention to the rise of temperature of the product, test the product in the most simple way is to use the rise of temperature of the shell, shell temperature of the power adapter and the difference between the ambient temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, even in the hot summer, the environment temperature reaches 35 ℃, the temperature of the shell may have more than 95 ℃, if discover the rise of temperature of the product we should stop using in time. 2, products in short circuit and overload safety hidden danger in the output short circuit and other components, capacitors, or diode under the condition of short circuit fault, the internal loss of the power adapter has increased dramatically, the higher the temperature rise of each part. Electronic circuit design and application, should guarantee the abnormal working and fault conditions, the temperature of various parts of the products can not exceed the prescribed requirements, more cannot make items of fire danger around, under the condition of the fault power adapter could be damaged, but does not reduce the safety performance of equipment. Abnormal work and breakdown products can not meet the requirements under the condition of a problem is common in selectiving examination, failure under the condition of some products shell temperature over 150 ℃, softening phenomenon in a shell, seriously reduce the safety performance of the products. 3, the product is not complete or nonstandard marking should be included to guide the user the correct installation and use of important information, properly labeled tags of the products is one of the basic measures to ensure the safety of users' personal property. Marking requirements for durable and striking, after normal use tag should not fall off, the content should be cleaned. Domestic sales of the product requirements in Chinese simplified logo, should at least include the following information: the name of the manufacturer or distributor, trademark or identification tag; Model codes or specifications; The power properties; Rated supply voltage range. If the information is not complete, can't correctly guide consumers to use, some may even misuse, damage and its matching of electronic device, the common problem for Chinese label, name or trademark, model codes or specifications, etc. 4, power plug is not in our norms of household single-phase power plug with the poles without grounding and the poles with two forms, power plug in use should be able to prevent the unipolar inserted, when any one of plug bolt charged plug and socket set of timeliness, not at other bolt accessible state. In selectiving examination, found that there are too long, too long to increase the risk of electric shock in the process of insertion of users. In addition, the shape of the plug is not in conformity with the requirements also relatively common, because the plug and socket used in our country don't match, also easy to cause the user to get an electric shock. The power adapter is prescribed by the state for 3 c authentication products, the quality problems, mainly is the partial enterprise safety standards is a lack of comprehensive and accurate understanding and the understanding, design and product structure is unreasonable, in order to reduce cost jerry, this is the important cause of part of the product is unqualified. Shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. Is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in switching power supply, power adapter, charger, power board, LED power supply and other electronic products development, production and sales. Products have passed UL, CUL, ETL, CE, GS, CB, CCC, PSE, SAA, FCC, KC certification and are exported to all over the world. Welcome to the consultation and visit.
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