The 19th (China)

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
In the morning of November 16, 19, shenzhen officially opened in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. Drive the CHTF with 'focus on innovation, improve supply quality' as the theme, on November 16 solstice on November 21, held in shenzhen conference and exhibition center main venue, garden set up in shenzhen talent at the venue at the same time. The CHTF also increased the independent research and development for China science and technology innovation achievements show, around the 'power of science and technology plan', the focus is on behalf of the national level of new technologies, new products in our country, especially the BuWeiJu courtyard and national research institutes, the related enterprise, demonstration projects, demonstration base, key laboratory, research and development center, the focus of the industry alliance core cutting-edge projects and achievements. Worldwide, the revolutionary breakthrough of important scientific problems and core technology trends in shenzhen can find out. Wearable devices from 2014 to 2015 the first unmanned systems at the venue to detonate unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market, to nearly 2016 VR special topic conferences and activities, the CHTF AI take possession of the commanding heights of science and technology and artificial intelligence control system. Science and technology innovation vigor constantly release, the growing emergence of major scientific and technological achievements, China from the power of science and technology to the power of science and technology power, jumped. The 19th CHTF officially launched, not only promoted the extensive cooperation of Chinese and foreign high-tech fields, especially for our country to speed up the cultivation of foreign economic cooperation and competition advantage to make a positive contribution. Focus on the 19th CHTF, attention to the future of science and technology door channel!
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