Technical application of the principle of factory lighting

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
Factory lighting technology application of the principle of modern factories, factory lighting of the principle of technology inquiry is very important, and a lot of work need workers to complete with eyes, high strength, workers must have a good vision, and to focus on an artifact or some point to complete, also has a lot of work need workers insist for a long time to finish with the eye, and even have to work overtime to complete, some factories, night shift workers finished his work when others rest, this is the most eye, work under the above situation, the workers will soon feel visual fatigue, it is difficult to concentrate and, in turn, affect the work efficiency, and even some mistakes caused by accident, the following is the xian set small plait to simple explain to you the factory lighting technology application of the principle of! So a lively and comfortable working environment is very important for factory workers, not only can protect your eyes, relieve eye fatigue, also can improve the work efficiency, so the factory lighting design how to break? First, factory lighting's mission is to ensure that the work environment with good visibility, make the job safer, more positive and prevent accidents, reduce the fault and the number of unqualified products, improve the productivity. Second, a good factory lighting design should have in the work area is enough, even light, high luminous flux, suitable temperature, and reduce glare, as from several aspects the author: the lighting, lighting classification, factory lighting pattern mainly has three aspects: general lighting and local lighting, mixed lighting. General lighting: also known as the main lighting, generally placed in the middle on the top, providing space overall lighting, usually according to the size of the factory parallelism. Factory principle - lighting Local lighting is according to the production requirements, cooperate with the general lighting use, in need of special accent lighting position, place the lamps and lanterns to light the working point, mixed lighting: the commonly used in large factories, with the main lighting and local lighting match each other, reduce the light from the darkness and the shadow area. The choice of the ways of lighting, higher requirements for the intensity of illumination, density of work position is not big, separately USES the general lighting unreasonable place appropriate USES mixed lighting, illumination requirements for homework is not high, or the production technology conditions, local lighting, not suitable for installing or using mixed lighting is not reasonable, should separate and general lighting. Good lighting design with the factory work areas have enough, even light, high luminous flux, suitable temperature, at the same time reduce the glare, a comfortable working environment to motivate employees to improve yield and quality of the product. When a workspace need higher than general lighting illumination can use localized general lighting, general lighting when partition can not meet the requirement of the intensity of illumination should add local lighting. But when using high-strength gas discharge lamp as a general lighting, in the workplace, people often work the illuminance standard should not be less than 50 lx. Mixed lighting in general lighting, the illuminance values should be according to the grades of the mixed lighting illuminance value 5% ~ 15% of the intensity of illumination should not be less than 30 lx. But using high-strength gas discharge lamp, should not be less than 50 lx. The choice of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, the kinds of factory workshop lighting lamps and lanterns of choose the light intensity is directly related to the working environment, also directly affect the work efficiency, so the choice of factory lighting lamps and lanterns is very important. Factory workshop lighting lighting light source are presently used metal halide lamp, electrodeless lamp or LED lamp of the three. The LED lighting is the most promising. Said we usually used on the factory floor lamp for the factory or industrial and mining lamp lighting lamps and lanterns, through the reasonable lighting scheme design and choose the right lighting lamps and lanterns can not only have the effect of energy saving, and can greatly improve the working efficiency and comfort. So detailed how to use of lamps and lanterns need according to the height of the building, to determine the reasonable to use the lamps and lanterns and light intensity of illumination, factories are the major factors affect the visual lighting lighting illumination levels, brightness distribution, color, light color, etc. , but the impact of these factors on the efficiency level is different, the intensity of illumination is photosynthetic efficiency is one of the biggest influence on the efficiency of. Industrial building general lighting illuminance standard also had the standard provisions of the state, including the need to increase the local lighting of the operation, increase the local lighting of brightness values should be according to the general lighting illuminance value of 1 - the places Three times. In addition, all kinds of plant specific lighting standard workplace should also be designed according to the provisions of the relevant industry. Choice enterprises should follow the principle of lighting lamps and lanterns, should consider convenient maintenance and use of safety, with explosive gas or dust factory, should choose dustproof, waterproof, or led explosion-proof lamps, control switch should not be in the same place, need to put in the same place should use explosion-proof switch, wet indoor and outdoor place, should be chosen with the export of crystallization water enclosed with waterproof lamps and lanterns or mouth open wide type lamps and lanterns. Hot, dusty places should use project-light lamp, corrosive gas and wet indoor in particular, the lamps and lanterns should be sealed, the parts of lamps and lanterns should be embalmed, should add protection switch equipment, indoor dust, according to the dust discharge and its property, should be completely enclosed type lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns can factory by mechanical damage, should adopt protection network of lamps and lanterns; Vibration places such as zhong have forging machine, air compressor, the location of the bridge crane) The lamps and lanterns of, should be used with shockproof device. Factory are the sites of production and processing, factory lighting principle, main purpose is to improve the productivity, ensure production safety, to form a comfortable visual environment. Lighting and the efficiency of the intimate relationship between lighting good or not directly influences the whole production efficiency. So in the design of factory lighting illumination, on the basis of the corresponding lighting standards and the needs of the actual site by reasonable illumination calculation, lamps and lanterns to decorate, guarantee the lighting levels, reduce productivity caused by inadequate lighting.
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