Talking about the function description and characteristics of 6WLED driving power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-22
LED power supply manufacturers talk about 6WLED driving power supply function description and characteristics I. 6W LED driving power supply characteristics description (1) The characteristic of LED driving power supply chip is that high voltage input does not need feedback winding to supply power, simplifying the design of circuit and transformer, and ensuring the output voltage at 3- Change between 24 V, the load current is constant. (2) The constant current circuit is simple. A sampling resistor R and a coupling resistor are used to simplify the circuit and reduce the cost. (3) This product is convenient for users to use, there are 1 W, 2 W, 3 W, 4 W, 5 W, 6 w led drive power users can change at will. Second, 6 w led drive power function description (1)Input voltage: AC 100-240V(2)Loss rate: 47-63Hz(3)Output voltage: DC3-24V(4)Output Current: DC330-350mA (The output is constant current). (5)Load Power: LED (1-6 w). Dear Customer: Hello, our company is a high-quality development group with strong technical force, providing high-quality products, complete solutions and superior technical service companies for the majority of users. The main products are power supply module, switching power supply, power supply isolation module, etc. The enterprise adheres to the tenet of establishing a career with integrity, keeping its career with quality and forging ahead, continuously climbing new peaks with a firmer pace, and making contributions to the national automation industry, welcome new and old customers to rest assured to buy their favorite products. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
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