Switching power supply main points which two categories?

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
People in switch power technology development related power electronics device is edge, edge development switch frequency conversion technology, which both promote each other to promote switch power supply each year the growth rate of more than two digits to light, small, thin, low noise, high reliable and anti-jamming in the direction of development. Switching power supply can be divided into AC/DC and DC/DC two kinds big. A miniature low power switch power supply, switching power supply is heading for popularization, miniaturization. Will gradually replace the switch power supply transformer in the life of all applications, the application of low power miniature switch power supply to embodied in the first, digital display table, smart meters, cell phone chargers, etc. Current state in vigorously promoting the smart grid construction, increase to the requirement of watt-hour meter, switching power supply will gradually replace the transformer on the watt-hour meter application. Inversion type series switching power supply inversion type series switching power supply with general series switching power supply, is the difference between the reverse type series switching power supply output voltage is negative, as it happens and general series switching power supply output voltage polarity is opposite; And because the energy storage the inductance L only if there is a switch K off output current to the load, therefore, under the same conditions, inversion type series switching power supply output current than small series switching power supply output current.
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