Switch power supply, switching power supply of several main technical indicators!

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
Switching power supply which several main technical indicators? Current regulation what is the current regulation? Current regulation is also called the load regulation, is in the input ac voltage rating ( Such as the 220 vac) And the output current from the minimum value of 0 to the greatest zui, the relative change of the output voltage. The indicators used to verify the switch power adapter under the most extreme load conditions, the output voltage stability eligibility requirements specification. Voltage regulation voltage regulation is also known as voltage stability, is in a constant output current ( The load does not change) And the input ac voltage changes, the relative change of the output voltage. The technical indicators are used to verify the switching power supply voltage of power supply in the worst environment, the stability of the output voltage is in accordance with the requirements specification. When the input voltage range of switch power supply input voltage changes, the output characteristic unchanged input voltage range. This range is wider, said the power to adapt to changes in external mains ability stronger, the scope of work of switch power supply more wide. Its internal error amplifier and switching power supply, sampling feedback regulating circuit gain and duty ratio adjustment range. The switch power supply input voltage range have v - 90 270 v, can save a lot of electrical appliances on 110 v / 220 v switch. The output voltage ripple due to the switching power supply voltage process is a process of continuous sampling feedback adjustment, therefore in the output dc voltage from a stack of ripple voltage, that is, the output ripple voltage. The smaller this value, said output characteristic, the better. Ripple said there are two kinds of methods: one is the output ripple voltage RMS. The second is fengfeng value of the output ripple voltage. Average of the specifications of the switch power supply requirements is less than 1% of the output dc voltage, the frequency width of 20 hz - 20 MHZ or other higher frequencies, such as 100 MHZ. Switching power supply in harsh environments, the output after noise ripple dc voltage and the output of the instantaneous voltage, high and low voltage lines should not exceed output ( Min and Max values) , otherwise will may lead to a supply voltage (more or less logic circuit Such as TTL circuit) The working voltage and misoperation, further crash phenomenon. Output impedance change of output voltage and output current of the ratio of variation. The smaller the ratio, said the size of the power supply output voltage with load changes is smaller, the voltage regulation performance is good. Conversion efficiency of the power supply output power and the ratio of the input power. The higher the ratio, said the change of high efficiency, the smaller the volume of a switching power supply, the higher reliability. The switching power supply efficiency can reach above 90%. Organization of data from the network.
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