Switch power adapter switch power adapter on the nameplate of UL on behalf of what? Why do you want to play on the UL?

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
Tend to stick a label on the switch power adapter, this is equivalent to the effect of narrow version of the manual, it will note the parameters of the power supply, voltage, current, frequency, producers, etc. , so what represents UL in the topic? First of all, take a picture for everyone to explain the red box, said is a form of UL certification, UL certification is what? Why switch power adapter on the nameplate of this thing out? UL is (underwriters laboratories in the United States 保险商实验室公司。 ) The shorthand. UL safety test is the most authoritative, is also engaged in security test and evaluation of large civil institutions. It is an independent, profitable, do test of professional organizations for public security. It USES science to study the method of testing of the various materials, devices, products, equipment, construction and other any hazard to life and property and the harm degree; Sure, write, and the corresponding standards and help reduce of issue and to prevent the loss of lives and property caused by data, at the same time to carry out the truth research business. UL certification is also divided into two kinds, said on the drawing is a form of UL certification, you can see E365255, this line of digital representation of what is it? Actually said this is switch power adapter on the application in the IT class equipment conform to UL, another is the AV class standard, the form is E355255; Types of electronic products are digital electronic product, of a class is the index of word integrated circuit composed of electronic products, and AV class electronic products is analog electronics, is refers to the use of discrete component of electronic products, the two products are completely different, so the difference between the 365255 and 355255 is a number, but the certification is not the same, so we buy switch power supply, IT is important to note that don't buy the wrong product. For unauthorized products use UL marks, inspectors will be asked to remove UL mark; For the products do not conform to the requirements of the UL, inspector will require the factory to remove UL mark or rework to conform to the requirements; If you don't agreed to the comments of the factory to the above, you can temporarily keep UL tag, but must stop shipment, inspector will inform the corresponding lab, the situation is determined by UL reply whether can keep UL mark; If only a few small problems, it doesn't affect the product's safety, the provisional acceptance decision will be made to the inspector, and report to the corresponding laboratory; If it is some obvious standard error, units such as typing errors or mistakes, does not affect the eligibility of factory products, but as the UL document processing, inspectors will issue a notice of change. In general, unless it is the responsibility of the UL company, inspector will require the factory does not meet the various to explain the corresponding lab, UL will answer with your explanation. In addition, due to advocate green environmental protection, the United States was the first to put forward the switch power adapter must conform to the energy efficiency level 6, the power supply is not up to level 6 energy efficiency can't clearance, directly control the power converter in the new energy efficiency standards, shall conform to the international efficiency marking protocol set in the first six ( VI) Energy efficiency requirements, new requirements are mandatory, on February 10, 2016 or later, all the production in the United States, or related products imported into the United States must conform to the requirements of the new revision of the standard.
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