Switch power adapter switch power adapter foundation knowledge of what?

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
Switch power adapter, which is closely linked with the life is a lot need to be applied to electronic equipment, is one of the indispensable parts of electronic products, its performance is stable, equipment, low calorific value, small heat and high efficiency. At the same time it also is more common things in life, for example. Laptop, tablet, game consoles, walkman, etc are applied to, is a small portable power transformation equipment, its compact, portable, stable performance, use range is very wide. Here a wide range of advantages of switch power adapter for you about, I hope you understand to the switch power adapter knowledge one step closer: 1, small volume, light weight. Switch power adapter without using heavy power frequency transformer. Due to the switch MOS tube on the dissipation power slash, and saves large heat sink. 2, wide voltage range. Switch power adapter output voltage is by duty ratios of excitation signal adjusting, the change of the input signal voltage can be compensate by frequency modulation or the width. So, in the power system of power frequency voltage change is bigger, it can still guarantee has the stable output voltage. So switch power adapter voltage range is very wide, voltage stabilizing effect is very good. In addition, the method of change the duty ratio with pulse width modulation type and frequency modulation type two kinds. 3, low consumption, high efficiency. Switch power adapter circuit, MOS tube under the stimulus of excitation signal, it alternately working in conduction & ndash; Cut-off and globe & ndash; Conduction of switch state, converting speed quickly, is commonly more than 50 KHZ frequency, in some advanced switch power supply circuit, can do a few hundred or nearly trillion Hz. This makes the switch MOS tube power consumption is small, power efficiency can be greatly improved, the efficiency can reach 90%. 4, filtering efficiency is greatly improved, has greatly reduced capacity of filter capacitor and volume. The working frequency of the switch power adapter now is basically work in more than 50 KHZ, is 1000 times bigger than the linear regulated power supply adapter, which made after rectifying filtering efficiency also increased almost 1000 times. Under the same ripple output voltage, using switch power supply, filter capacitor filter capacitance in the linear regulated power supply capacity is only 1/500 ~ 1/1000. To talk about the above about the switch power adapter foundation knowledge, for many novice has just come into contact with the switch power adapter, is very helpful!
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