Switch power adapter switch power adapter can output voltage is not the same as current gm?

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
About this question, the basic principle is that the high current switching power supply adapter can replace the small current output switching power supply adapter. Some people may often went into some misconceptions that current will damage the equipment, because electric current is too big, but in fact this understanding is not correct, actually the output of the current situation in the same case depends on the load voltage, also is the normal working condition of electronic equipment, when our equipment high load operation, current will be larger, and the equipment when the standby current is smaller. Large current output of the switch power adapter has enough electric current, will not happen again after instead of the low current switching power supply overheating or output voltage is too low, on the other hand, with a small current instead of the large current will be considerable risks. But in some cases, such as some people use the 56 w switching power supply instead of the 72 w is no problem to use, the reason is that the design of the switch power adapter usually there is a certain allowance, then load power is less than the power of the power supply, so the feasible alternative on the market in general use, but still suggest that we use to match the power of the same switching power adapter, and is now a regular switch power adapter manufacturers more and more, if you have damage to the switch power adapter, a lot of places can buy matching products, certainly must choose when buying a regular manufacturers.
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