Switch power adapter four methods prolonging the service life of the switch power adapter!

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
In switch power adapter in the process of new product development design, the engineers generally for the design of new products, add some protection measures to avoid the switch power adapter short circuit or component damage is found in use process, shorten the life make it work. In this article, we will share for you four can let adapter, prolong the service life of the protection, everybody together and see it. Method one: each pulse of the super power or current restrictions in new product development process of the switch power adapter, one by one pulse of the super power, over current limit is necessary, and this kind of super power or current restrictions on each pulse, is very effective in the practical application of output overload protection method, in additional margin often use this technique in the current protection. In previous switch equipment, input current is to real-time monitoring. If the current exceeds the specified limit current value, conduction pulse will be terminated. In not renew a flyback, its biggest current determines the power of the circuit, this type of protection circuit becomes a real power limitation protection circuit. Method 2: super delay shut off power protection super delay shut off power protection as a kind of very effective output overload protection technology, has been in the domestic production of power adapter products has been widely spread. In delay tripping type system, a short transient current requirement is allowed, only when the current stress for a long time more than what is the power will be off. Short transient current offer will not damage the power supply reliability, and will not bring great influence to the cost of the power supply. Only the requirements of current for a long time will affect cost and volume of the circuit. Method 3: the flyback power limitation protection in addition to all of the two methods introduced above, the flyback super power limit protection is also effective work of the important measures to protect the safety of the switch power adapter, adapter in domestic production is widely used in the process of research and development and the manufacturer. Speed form on the protection technology is an extension, in the law on the protection of this kind of adapter circuit, there's a special circuit to monitor the voltage, current and deputy while reducing power in the output voltage fall. Through this method, when the load resistance decreased reduce output current, prevent vice edge components by a strong stress damage, its disadvantage is used in the nonlinear load locking phenomenon happens. Method 4: constant power limit protection of constant power input limit protection is today we're going to introduce the fourth kind of switch power adapter protection technology, also is a kind of output at home and abroad more general protection technology, in the process of laptop adapter and for the development of mobile phone adapter, involve. The protection principle of this method is that by limiting the maximum transmission power to protect the original circuit. But in flyback, this technique can hardly protect the vice and output components. For example, in the discontinuous flyback side peak current is limited, is the limit of transmission power is given. Organization of data from the network.
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