Solve the problem of the interference of the power adapter, use the following methods to solve!

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
The power adapter is in use process sometimes could be affected by the interference of outside factors, so how should we solve this interference? Foreign interference to the power adapter, such as power line harmonic current, the power cord conduction interference and electromagnetic radiation interference, etc. , can only use the method of reduce interference to solve. On the one hand, can enhance the input/output filter circuit design, improve the active power factor compensation ( APFC) The performance of the circuit, reduce the switch tube and rectification, the fly-wheel diode voltage and current rate, adopt all kinds of soft switch circuit, the topology structure and control mode, etc. ; On the other hand, strengthen the shielding casing, improve the aperture of casing leak, and good ground handling. The anti-interference ability of the external, such as the surge, lightning, the ac input should be optimized and dc output port of the lightning protection ability. Lightning can use zinc oxide varistor and combination method to solve the gas discharge tube, etc. For electrostatic discharge, the use of TVS diode and a corresponding grounding protection, increasing the distance of the small signal circuit and chassis, or choose to solve with antistatic device. The decrease of internal interference in the power adapter from the following several aspects: single point grounding note digital circuit and analog circuit, high current circuits with low current, especially the single point grounding current, voltage sampling circuit, to reduce the total resistance interference, reduce the influence of the ring; Pay attention to the spacing between adjacent line when wiring and the nature of the signal, avoid to produce crosstalk; Reduce the ground impedance; Reduce the high voltage large current circuit especially the transformer primary side and the switch tube, power filter capacitor circuit surrounded area; Reduce the output rectifier circuit and fly-wheel diode circuits and dc filter circuit surrounded area; Reduce the transformer leakage inductance, filter capacitor of capacitance; Adopting high resonance frequency filter capacitor, etc. In terms of transmission, appropriate increase the TUS of high anti-interference ability and high frequency components such as capacitors, ferrite beads, in order to improve the anti-interference ability of small signal circuit; At close range and the chassis of the small signal circuit, should add the appropriate insulation compression processing, etc. ; Power device of the radiator, the main transformer electromagnetic shielding layer to appropriate grounding. Large area ground between each control unit with the ground plate shield; On the frame of the rectifier, want to consider the electromagnetic coupling between the rectifier, the machine ground is decorated, etc. , in order to improve the stability of the power adapter internal work. More information of the power adapter, please pay attention to the power adapter, charger manufacturers, shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. ! ( The above information sorting from the network)
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