Smaller and more powerful usb pd charger with GaN-based InnoSwitch IC design

by:MOSO     2019-12-20

The latest devices in the InnoSwitch product series introduced by Power Integrations can provide 95% high efficiency in the entire load range, and a power output of 100 W can be provided without using a heat sink in a closed adapter. This breakthrough performance improvement is due to PI's self-developed gallium nitride (GaN)Technology. In the newly released IC, the high-voltage GaN switch replaces the conventional silicon transistor on the primary side of the IC, thus greatly reducing the energy consumption and making the smaller InSOP-The 24D package provides greater output power. Target applications include usb pd and high current Chargers/adapters, set-top boxes, displays, home appliances, networks and gaming products.

at present, three product lines have integrated the GaN technology-InnoSwitch3-CP, InnoSwitch3-EP and InnoSwitch3- Pro, and provides a variety of design examples:

InnoSwitch3-CP- Most suitable for constant power charging

DER-602- 100 w usb pd Type-C charger

DER-601- 60 w usb pd Type- C charger

InnoSwitch3-EP- Most suitable for open power supply

DER-747- 65 W power supply for household appliances and industrial applications

InnoSwitch3-Pro- Most suitable for dynamically controllable voltage and current

DER-805-100 w usb pd 3. 0 charger (Provide 3. 3 V-21 v pps output)

DER-803-60 w usb pd 3. 0 charger (Provide 3. 3 V-21 v pps output)

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