Six ways to effectively reduce the switching power supply transformer hot issue!

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
We all know of switch power supply main heating components for the semiconductor switch tube and power diode, high frequency transformer ( Switching power supply transformer) And filter inductance, etc. Different components have different way to control the heat. In general, switching power supply transformer use time long will appear the phenomenon of fever, so, what causes this phenomenon? Explain to you, today is what causes the switch power supply transformer fever and what are the ways to reduce the switching power supply transformer calorific value? In fact, the reason is very simple, because the switching power supply transformer is joined the switch tube power transformer, in addition to the ordinary transformer voltage transform function in the circuit, also both insulation isolation and power transfer function commonly used in switching power supply on the occasion of high frequency circuit. It seems that fever because of the switch tube heating, switching power supply transformer and switch tube heat is caused by the loss, the wastage of the switch tube by the switching process loss and loss of state of two parts, therefore, lower calorific value can have the following several methods. Way to a better, more importantly, through the design of the control mode and buffer technology to reduce the loss, such as the soft switch technology, can greatly reduce the wear and tear. Method 2, for the high frequency magnetic materials caused by the loss, skin effect, to avoid as far as possible to the impact of skin effect, can use more shares and fine enameled wire and the ways to solve. Method three, can reduce the loss of state by choosing low pass resistance of the switch tube to reduce the loss of state. Methods four, for rectifier transformer secondary side can choose efficient synchronous rectifier technology to reduce the loss. Methods five, the switching process loss is caused by the switching time and the size of gate charge, reduce the loss of switch process can choose switch faster, shorter recovery time to reduce the device. Six, reducing power diode calorific value method, and ac rectifier and buffer diode, usually don't have a better control technology to reduce wear and tear, can be reduced by selecting high quality diode loss. For more information please attention switching power supply manufacturer, shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. ! ( The above information sorting from the network)
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