Shenzhen moso technology moso technology has a large number of production of six power adapter to match the market demand of energy efficiency

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
From the end of 2013, with the power adapter began publishing six levels of energy efficiency standards, early in the shenzhen moso technology also realize high efficient conversion of market demand, independent research and development more than 6 levels of energy efficiency product to match the market demand, at present many six levels of energy efficiency products have entered the mature stage, production stage, moso technology can reach six levels of the new standard of energy efficiency in a short time, fully embodies the moso in power industry status and acute market sense. Actually, six levels of energy efficiency products relative to the previous five energy efficiency products, standby and no load requirements for the power adapter is very strict, usually five energy efficiency products no-load power consumption is less than 0. 3 w and 6 products strict requirements to less than 0. 1 w, some even less than 0. 075 w, six standards of energy efficiency compared to before 5 the power also has a lot to improve energy efficiency, thus the difficulty of new product research and development, on the other hand, also reflects the moso power and position in the power adapter industry science and technology. The moso self-developed products have 60 w (level 6 12V5A) 现年42岁的w ( 12 v4a) ,36 w ( 12 v3a) 24 w ( 12 v2a) 、12W( 12V1A) , 2. 5 w ( 5个半。 5) Wait for a variety of power, the type of power adapter products, can be widely used in all kinds of electronic products. In addition to these products have been in accordance with the United States, the European Union and other countries certification standards, the company to do the UL, CE certification, such as the general consumer customers can rest assured to buy nots allow to ignore to play their role, and constantly develop high quality, efficient products in response to increasingly stringent requirements of energy efficiency market. Actually moso power supply industry in word-of-mouth has been good, since 2002, the company rapid development, the scale expands unceasingly, every company has research and development and production of new products to match the market demand, the personage inside course of study evaluation, moso can be so rapid development of science and technology, benefit from moso ahead of the power industry of research and development of science and technology level and moso influence in the power industry. Moso has strong r&d team, currently has a professional r&d engineers, ID designers, structural engineers. After moso products, not only in the use of the power supply in line with the market, also on the shape we will be satisfied with our customers. Contact details please consult the shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. , 0755 - power supply 33953530!
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