Shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. To change the LOGO and trademark notices

by:MOSO     2020-03-11
Shenzhen moso co. , LTD. Changes we made new trademark VUNHO LOGO and trademark signs, since July 2019, the company to switch to new trademark and LOGO, the following diagram: use LOGO will continue to retain the original graphics. For the above two trademarks and LOGO, we do the registration and copyright protection, any infringement, will be investigated for legal responsibility. Feeling from all walks of life friend's strong support, our company is one specialized is engaged in the smart terminal manufacturing sales control system, intelligent building lighting lighting control system to provide a full range of consultancy services and solutions company, over the years our company has been committed to research and development of intelligent control system for the Internet of things and DALI intelligent lighting control system and other related products got approval and favorable comment of customer, welcome friends from all walks of life come to shenzhen moso co. , LTD. Visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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