Shell Eco- Marathon Asian competition 2019: UP Dagisik successfully passed the pre-match

by:MOSO     2019-12-18

The UP Dagisik team of the University of the Philippines, officially sponsored by Power Integrations, is participating in the 2019 Shell Eco- Important milestone reached before marathon Asian regional competition. The newly-built electric concept car of this student team passed the pre-competition technical inspection smoothly and will be packed and shipped to Kuala Lumpur to participate in the competition to be held at Sepang International track from April 29-5.

Eco- Marathon is an international competition held by Shell for students majoring in science and engineering. Hundreds of student teams participate in regional competitions in Asia, America and Europe with their own energy-saving cars every spring, it is divided into four groups: spontaneous combustion engine prototype car, electric prototype car, engine concept car and electric concept car. It does not race, but challenges to complete the track with the least amount of energy. The top two of each group of regional concept cars can qualify for the summer World Championship.

after winning the seventh place in the electric concept car group in Asia last year, the UP Dagisik team decided to start from scratch and design the most compact and reliable good car to win the championship. It is not easy for a completely rebuilt vehicle to pass the technical inspection of more than 100 projects. Fortunately, the core members of the team show their strengths, take advantage of the major in school and the valuable experience of internship in Power Integrations last summer to complete the overall upgrade of design.

Christian Ong, Captain Dagisik, who performed well in the PI Expert team, applied his motor control specialty to the motor control system of the new car. He said:

The team used 5 kW high-power motors in the first few years of competition. Although the horsepower is strong, it is very heavy. We finally switched to 750 W brushless DC (BLDC)Hub Motor. BLDC motor is more efficient than traditional DC motor, but the control program is more complex and the error limit is much smaller. If I hadn't learned it in the past year, I wouldn't have done it.

Best partners Joseph Vallo and Morita Huang (Akira Morita) Together, I worked as an intern in PI's LED lighting driver team. The two are responsible for the electronic control and LED Drive system of the new car. Morita said:

we use digital dimming instead of analog dimming, which wastes more energy. We chose the simplest design to simplify the troubleshooting process as much as possible.

John Kent Bermudez, who is in charge of the new car battery management system, has adopted stackable battery packs to comply with shipping regulations in a way that does not require reassembly of batteries. Mechanical team leader Charles Cayno pre-added all pedals and wiring systems when designing the new car chassis to avoid post-production damage to the chassis structure. The two are also excellent PI interns.

Jared Baniqued, who participated in the competition for the third time and served as a driver for the second time, said:

The tacit understanding of the team this year is better than that of previous years. The players know each other's expertise and style very well. Christian's graduation work is motor control. He is also good at programming and can optimize the efficiency of motors. Morita and Joseph have practical working experience in LED, so they are responsible for relevant systems. Our goal is to improve energy-saving efficiency with optimized circuit design. I believe this team must have a chance to win.

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