Semiconductor lighting application and intelligent lighting development innovation BBS

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
China lighting BBS - 2017 - - - - - - Semiconductor lighting application and intelligent lighting development innovation BBS BBS significance after 10 years of development, semiconductor lighting has entered a new stage in our country, on the one hand, intelligent lighting due to its own advantages, has become a city wisdom, wisdom, the carrier and an important part of household, become the industry a new development direction; Countries, on the other hand, vigorously promote the development of the PPP mode, in the field of led lighting engineering change. The third aspect, a growing number of lighting companies use capitalizing expand the scale of enterprises, public finance is one important way of enterprises bigger and stronger. China lighting BBS is China lighting association pour to create the industry's most authoritative and professional platform for the exchange, has been held for years in a row. In 2017 China lighting BBS will be around the city lighting, the PPP mode, capital and other topics, jointly explore new form of production enterprises, design companies, engineering companies development road and bottleneck, guide the healthy and orderly development of semiconductor lighting. BBS discussion content LED lighting LED lighting product design and innovation drive and control the LED indoor and outdoor lighting applications and innovative LED lighting standards, testing and certification of wisdom lighting technology and system research and development of intelligent lighting project implementation and business status quo and trend of development of the urban lighting lighting engineering application of the PPP model of reading professional BBS characteristics: lighting industry and capital operation in this BBS to 'city lights, the PPP mode, capital', the theme of the invite relevant experts to discuss, and seek common development; Authority: at the same time the meeting will be held 30 anniversary of the founding of China lighting academy's celebration, China lighting association council and according to the lighting in the prize presentation ceremony, the industry experts, scholars and lighting designer in Paris. To discuss the development of LED lighting; Professional: the BBS with 'city lights, the PPP mode, capital', the theme of the invite relevant experts to discuss, and seek common development; Unit of China lighting academy is currently collecting BBS cooperation. During the BBS, will also be on the scene organization according to the lighting in the product and award winning projects show, at production enterprises and actively participate in design, engineering company. The representatives expert of China lighting association, the member representative; Each provincial and city leaders, lighting academy city municipal management, municipal design institute; Lighting inspection agencies, engineering quality supervision, quality inspection institutions and authentication institutions, etc. ; Professional lighting designers; Lighting industry dealers, agents at home and abroad; Personnel of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions at home and abroad; At home and abroad excellent lighting manufacturer, design, lighting design company, lighting engineering company representative; BBS cooperation BBS to join the China lighting association units. During the BBS, the scene will also build exhibition space, standard exhibition area between 2 m * 2 m, the booth is limited, 5000 yuan/a, at the appointed time, the national well-known enterprises and dealers will gather good lighting, LED lighting new technology, new products and lighting lighting award winning projects. The booth number is limited, the enterprises or units in need, please contact as soon as possible. The meeting time on September 7, 2017 - Chengdu Jin Yun hotel (9, the meeting, Sichuan province gold province jinniu district road no. 668)
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