Round a dream of making a car: the concept car sponsored by PI has completed its initial test drive and is about to participate in Shell Eco-on 2019-Marathon

by:MOSO     2019-12-22

Shell the company held the annual global energy-saving car competition Shell Eco- Marathon Asia will be held on April 29 to May 2, 2019 at Kuala Lumpur's Sepang Saipan International Circuit. Science and engineering students from Asian countries will race to drive their own energy-saving cars and win with the least amount of energy to complete the track. The UP Dagisik team of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of the Philippines, which was almost impossible to participate in the competition nine months ago, successfully completed its first test drive with a newly built electric concept car.

UP dagisik team last year although to limited of school funds and inheritance self-taught long of old car competition still in hundreds of a competition team in Get 7th A. In order for the UP Dagisik team to continue participating in the competition in 2019, Christian Ong, the captain of this year's fifth grade, not only needs to recruit new players, but also needs to find sponsors. In the end, he found a common answer to the two difficult problems: Power Integrations.

in order to strengthen the cooperation between the company and local universities and to recruit outstanding graduates, PI Manila office recruited interns for the first time last summer, provide field work experience for power electronics engineering students in Philippines. Christian Ong is an outstanding intern in the PI Expert team. He raised a number of PI interns in the same period to form the core team of UP Dagisik, and proposed a sponsorship plan to PI, successfully obtaining enough sponsorship to create a new energy-saving car for this year's competition.

Christian Ong said:

without the sponsorship of Power Integrations, we could not have entered this year. In order to live up to PI's support and carry forward our team's fine tradition, this year's goal is to build the most streamlined and reliable car and win the championship.

This year's new car weighs 70 kilograms, 20% younger than before. The tailored BLDC motor drive board and battery pack performed well in the first test run, with a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Many team members said that the practical experience learned in PI internship was very helpful to successfully build a new car.

when Mark Calderon, the design team leader of PI application engineering department visited the car building workshop last month, he was warmly welcomed by the students who had practiced in his team. He said:

Our Manila office has a lot to do with the UP Dagisik team and the Philippine Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In addition to these interns, many of our engineers participated in Eco-Marathon Asian regional competition. We will do our best to cheer UP Dagisik team!

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