ROAL power supply launches new products in 2010--Moso power supply professional agent imported power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-29
1. Roal launches new products, SFA350 and MFA350 series, input 90Vac ~ 264Vac, with three outputs, the main output voltage is 12 V/24 V/48 V, the auxiliary output is 5V and 12 V, * the high power can reach 350 W, the size is only 5' * 3' * 1. 28', the efficiency can be as high as 90%, for MFA350, it meets the medical certification. 2. Roal launches new products, RCB600B and MCB600B series, input 90Vac ~ 264Vac, with four outputs and four output voltages of 5 V/12 V/24 V/48 V, can be combined according to customer needs, it is also possible to increase the power of the same module in parallel, * the high power can reach 600 W, the size is only 5' * 3' * 1U, and the efficiency can reach 90%. for MFA600B, it meets the medical certification; Compared with RCA600A/MCA600A, RCA600B/MCB600B * is characterized by almost no noise in the fan;
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