Remote switch operation of module power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-18
The remote control switch operation of the module power supply is carried out through the REM terminal. There are two general control methods :(1)REM and-VIN (Reference ground) Connect, remote control shutdown, VREF1V required. (2) REM is connected to VIN, and the remote control is turned off, requiring VREM1V. REM suspension, remote control shutdown, the so-called 'suspension shutdown '(-R). If the control is to be isolated from the input, an optocoupler can be used as the transmission control signal. 4. Combination of modules (1)Parallel expansion. Parallel the outputs of the same modules can enhance the output capability, but the output voltages of the parallel modules should be adjusted to ensure relative current uniformity and avoid unnecessary oscillation. For modules with large current output, lead resistance can also be carefully designed to achieve current sharing effect. The number of modules connected in parallel by this method should not exceed 2. At the same time, if one of the module outputs is faulty, the whole system will not work properly. The parallel expansion connection circuit RL is the load. (2)Redundant hot backup in parallel. Parallel connection of the same module output through diodes can enhance the output capability to improve the reliability of the power supply system. In principle, if the corresponding output alarm circuit is matched, the module is placed on the detachable bus, so that the faulty module can be replaced in time. There is no quantity limit for modules connected in parallel by this method. D is generally a Schottky diode. (3)Series expansion. Connecting the output terminals of the same module in series can multiply the output voltage and increase the power accordingly, while the output terminals in series must be connected with diodes for protection. 5. Backup use of Bell stream the Bell stream generator is mainly used for telephone office exchanges to provide ringing for telephone users, and is generally used in a biased state. Bias can be divided into positive bias and negative bias. In order to improve the reliability of the Bell stream system, it is necessary to back up the bell stream. In addition: our company also sells server power supply, switching power supply and other products, welcome to check! The performance and quality of the products and the perfection of the service are our endless pursuit. Please feel free to buy your favorite products. Shenzhen moso power supply Technology Co. , Ltd. looks forward to your call negotiation!
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