Reasons for current deficiencies in LED drive power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-26
The reason why the LED drive power supply is currently insufficient: the technicians of the company that produces LED lighting and related products do not know enough about the switching power supply, and the power supply can work normally, however, some key evaluations and electromagnetic compatibility are not considered enough, and there are still some hidden dangers; Most LED power supply manufacturers have transformed from ordinary switching power supply to LED power supply, and they do not know enough about the characteristics and use of LED; At present, there are almost no standards for LED, most of which refer to the standards of switching power supply and electronic rectifier; At present, most LED power supplies are not unified, so most of them are relatively small. The purchase volume is small, the price is on the high side, and the component suppliers are not very cooperative; Stability of LED power supply: wide voltage input, high temperature and low temperature operation, over temperature, overvoltage protection and other problems have not been solved one by one; The first is the overall cycle of the drive circuit, especially the cycle of key devices such as capacitors at high temperatures directly affects the cycle of the power supply; It is the LED driver that should challenge higher conversion efficiency, especially when driving high-power LED, because all power that is not output as light is dissipated as heat, and the conversion efficiency of power supply is too low, it affects the performance of LED energy saving effect; Currently, the power is small (1-5 W) The proportion of constant current drive power supply cost is close to 1/3, which is close to the cost of light source and affects the market promotion to some extent.
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