PWM dimming method is introduced

by:MOSO     2020-03-12
PWM adjustable light were introduced in the inductance circuit to the effect of average current. From the point of view of simulation and experiment concluded that the drive circuit, and a method for determining the size of the inductance and in-depth analysis on the drive circuit of LED current value and the duty ratio of PWM wave function between dependencies, but through the RS - by computer 485 pairs of LED brightness level, meticulous multi-position control in real time. LED is a solid-state lighting, is a kind of semiconductor lighting devices, their electrical properties have very strong discreteness. It has small size, large mechanical strength, low power consumption, long life, easy to adjust the control and pollution-free characteristics, has great prospects for development of new type of light source products. LED dimming method implementation is divided into two types: analog dimming, and the tone light, which simulate the light by changing the LED loop current size to move light; Digital dimming is also called the PWM dimming, opening and closing the LED through PWM wave to change forward current conduction time in order to achieve a brightness control effect. Analog dimming LED by changing the current in the circuit to adjust the brightness of LED, the disadvantage is that the current adjustable range, can be shifting gear limited; PWM wave dimmer can be by changing the duty ratio of high and low level any change leds turn on time, so that the increase in the number of gear brightness adjustment, to adjust the effect of the LED brightness. Electric light up every inch of space for everyone, we can according to customer requirements and the actual use of the environment, customized products and provide integrated solutions for customers, for the general customers to provide quality and efficient products. We look forward to cooperate with customers and friends from all over the world hand in hand, create brilliance. Service hotline: website: ali website, https://
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