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by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Shenzhen moso co. , LTD. As a professional DALI system services, after years of DALI technology research, has accumulated rich experience in DALI lighting control project application, introduced during a DALI Simple intelligent dimming control system, DALI Tools dimming control system, Easy DALI intelligent lighting control system, intelligent lighting control system '> Smart DALI intelligent lighting control system, DALI Link wireless dimming control system, integrated DALI Pro lighting control system. In long-term lighting control project, not only developed the drive DALI DALI standard, DALI relay, DALI converter, DALI controller and other products, at the same time, by extending the protocol dDALI developed applicable to DALI bus DALI illuminance sensor, DALI human body detection sensor, many DALI key, DALI touch screen and other equipment. In 2009 DALI V1. Zero release version of the standard, only for DALI drives, DALI relay, DALI converter output devices, such as description, not is described for input devices and controllers. As a professional has a DALI system provide production services, since we found that the existing shortcomings and weaknesses, DALI standard requires its own technology to improve and supplement. We have to provide customers with perfect DALI dimming system application experience, after years of technical research, we studied a set of our proprietary protocol dDALI extension, with the DALI protocol coexistence of 24, in the same article DALI bus used at the same time, without interfering with each other, and are independent of each other, as long as the application in our DALI sensors, DALI button input devices such as remote Settings and DALI drive, DALI relay, DALI extension functions such as signal converter, enrich the application of DALI system, meet the demands of the era of intelligence. In DALI bus access multiple DALI host at the same time, the DALI, DALI sensor, the active command of equipment such as DALI touch screen have to solve the technical problem is the main control technology problem, when there are multiple input devices launch command at the same time, how to avoid the conflict, how to obtain competitive bus access, how to receive and do not leak data at the same time, and a series of technical problems to solve is very important. 2010 - During 2011 through our technical staff of unremitting efforts, have been breakthroughs we solve these problems. At present in large amounts of DALI dimming system project application, the intelligent control system is stable and reliable, client report is very good. For DALI controller main control technology, our company engineer as early as in 2009-2010 on his personal blog published related technical articles 'DALI ( 数字可寻址照明接口) The realization of the bus system Lord send more ( Original) ', 'the realization of the DALI protocol automatically assigned address ( Original) 'And so on some articles about DALI technology application to explore ( Click on the link can access his blog posts) 。 We also introduce BAS building intelligence system integration solutions and DALI gateway equipment and mature DALI decoding scheme of dimming power supply products, easily for you to quickly solve the problem of DALI lighting control. Welcome to inquire, to discuss.
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