Product features of imported LED screen power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-21
Product features of imported LED screen power supply 1. Imported LED screen power supply adopts pulse width modulation (PWM) Switch technology control, composed of professional integrated circuits, the main components are original, imported, stable and reliable, is a high reliability power supply. The fan is professionally designed to dissipate heat inside, and there is enough space to dissipate heat inside. Therefore, it can achieve a more stable working effect than the waterproof power supply. Longer life, easy to use, can be hung on the wall. 2. High efficiency, low consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, high stability and low ripple improve the light efficiency of LED, reduce light attenuation, and meet the requirements of safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility. The design ensures the stability, long life and light effect of LED. The product ensures the safety of power supply through long-term high, low temperature and rainproof tests, overload, Overvoltage and overcurrent protection, 8 hours 100% full load aging and full series of function and protection tests. High efficiency and energy saving: high power efficiency and low standby power consumption. Long service life, compared with ordinary Transformers, can save about 40% of energy. 3. The applicable voltage range is wide, and the grid voltage is 170--250V (50/60 HZ)When it changes, it can work stably. 4. Output voltage with small fluctuation and high stability. Improve LED luminous effect, reduce light failure and prolong service life. 5. The shell is made of aluminum alloy, which can better protect the power supply and provide better heat dissipation conditions. 6. The imported LED screen power supply has a variety of specifications and designs, which are suitable for supporting applications of various LED lamps. For example: LED module, LED guardrail tube, Rainbow tube, LED light strip, LED lamp, etc.
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