Power supply module applied to excellent market

by:MOSO     2020-02-21
The power module combines most of the necessary components to provide a plug-and-play solution, replacing more than 40 different components. This integration can simplify and accelerate the design of the system, and it can also significantly reduce the circuit board area occupied by the power management part. In order to achieve the required voltage accuracy, these power supply modules are generally placed near the chip circuit that needs power supply on the circuit board. However, as the complexity of the system increases, the layout is more important in systems with larger current, lower voltage and higher frequency. * The common isolated power module is a single in-line package (SIP), Open frame structure. They can obviously bring convenience to engineers and simplify the design of the system. However, in general, they are only applicable to designs with lower switching frequencies, such as 300kHz or lower. Furthermore, their power density is usually not * optimized, especially compared with DC/DC chip-level modules. The isolation of power supply modules is generally divided into two types: one is. Isolation between input and output; That is, the input and output are not common ground; The other is the isolation between output and output; Multiple sets of outputs are isolated from each other and do not interfere with each other. Power supply module with the process development of conductors, especially semiconductors, the extensive use of packaging technology and high-frequency soft switches, the regular density of power supply modules is getting larger and larger, and the conversion efficiency is getting higher and higher. The application is also getting simpler and simpler. It makes the power supply lighter, smaller, thinner, lower noise, higher reliability and anti-interference. Dear Customer: Hello, our company is a high-quality development group with strong technical force, providing high-quality products, complete solutions and superior technical service companies for the majority of users. The main products are switching power supply, LED driver, etc. The enterprise adheres to the tenet of establishing a career with integrity, keeping its career with quality and forging ahead, continuously climbing new peaks with a firmer pace, and making contributions to the national automation industry, welcome new and old customers to rest assured to buy their favorite products. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
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