Power Integrations win Fairchild Semiconductor in China

by:MOSO     2020-01-06

Power Integrations announced a few days ago that after more than two years of patent litigation, suzhou Intermediate People's Court recently ruled that Power Integrations company did not infringe any technology patents proposed by Fairchild Semiconductor and its subsidiary System General in this lawsuit.

The results of the ruling and the previous Power Integrations lawsuit Fairchild Semiconductor and its subsidiaries System General (SG)The results of the three patent infringement cases are consistent. On 2006, the U. S. Federal District Court found Fairchild infringing four patents of Power Integrations and issued permanent restraining orders against more than 100 Fairchild infringing products. Later, the infringement was identified as a deliberate act and the amount of compensation was increased to US $12 million. The case is still in the process of being. Also in 2006, the US International Trade Commission found SG infringing two Power Integrations patents. Earlier this year, Fairchild was once again found to have violated two patents that had been infringed by the district court in 2006. Power Integrations is seeking additional compensation and restraining orders for 75 Fairchild products related to this judgment.

Balu Balakrishnan, president and chief executive officer of Power Integrations, said: We are very pleased that the Chinese authorities have rejected Fairchild's unfounded infringement claim, as with the previous of other courts, it is clear which is the true innovator.

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