Power Integrations's CAPZero X capacitive discharge IC is certified to be the most effective

by:MOSO     2019-12-27
IEC certified simple devices can save time, reduce design complexity and cost

21ic Power Integrations announced today its CAPZero™ X capacitor automatic discharge IC is now certified to conform to iec ctl dsh 1080 standard- This standard is the certification body for IEC60950 and IEC60065 standards (CB)The latest mandatory supplement to the plan. CAPZero IC is a kind of SO- 8 packaged simple two-terminal device, it only needs to add discharge resistor to automatically realize X capacitor discharge function.

The new power supply must now meet the requirements of iec ctl dsh 1080, so as to ensure that the X-capacitor safe discharge function of the power supply will remain effective throughout the life cycle of the product. X capacitor discharge devices certified by certification bodies such as CAPZero IC have passed very strict safety test procedures, including long-term high temperature and humidity tests and high voltage surge tests. Power supplies using certified X-capacitor discharge devices will be automatically considered to meet this standard. For non-certified X-capacitor discharge devices ( Including the use of discrete components or other non-certified IC) The power supply must pass the same environmental test and surge test when all protective devices such as varistor and large capacity capacitor are removed. Any redesign will lead to re-certification of the power supply.

Edward Ong, product manager of Power Integrations, said: our energy-saving CAPZero IC can make the Power supply meet IEC standards easily and quickly, this helps designers who try to meet the emerging no-load and standby requirements save a lot of cost, effort and time. CAPZero devices can be placed in front of or behind the system input fuse for a variety of power applications.

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