Power Integrations ruled infringement of Fairchild Semiconductor patent Fairchild Semiconductor filed new patent lawsuit

by:MOSO     2019-12-23

A few days after the US District Court jury ruled that Power Integrations had violated Fairchild's US patent on primary-side conditioning technology, fairchild Semiconductor, the world's leading supplier of high-performance power and portable products ( Fairchild Semiconductor (Fairchild Semiconductor) A new U. S. patent infringement lawsuit against Power Integrations was filed on May 1, U. S. time.

The District Court jury in Delaware, USA ruled on April 27, 2012 that Power Integrations's LinkSwitch-II and LinkSwitch-CV products, namely LNK603-606/613- 616, SC1092, SC1097- 99, SC1103, LNK632DG and LNK623- 626, as well as products with actual equivalent infringement circuits, constitute a 7,259,972 Fairchild Semiconductor. Infringement of US patents. The jury also supported the validity of all patent charges claimed by Fairchild Semiconductor.

Fairchild semiconductor power conversion, industrial and automotive (PCIA) Yang Dayong, senior vice president of the technical department, said: The jury confirmed the validity of our patent, which made me feel very happy and satisfied. Fairchild Semiconductor will continue to provide innovative solutions to help customers succeed. Yang Dayong is the only inventor of the infringing patent.

Fairchild Semiconductor will seek a ban to prevent further patent infringement and is seeking financial compensation. The infringement intention and financial compensation involved in this case will be decided in the second stage, which is now pending a court schedule, possibly after the first stage of appeal.

After Fairchild Semiconductor won a favorable jury verdict last week, it announced on May 1 that it had decided on Power Integrations's LinkSwitch- New patent lawsuit for ph led power conversion products. Fairchild Semiconductor claims that the company's three new patents for primary-side regulation of LED Power conversion technology have been infringed by Power Integrations, and the lawsuit has been filed in the District Court of Delaware. In the April 27 ruling, the jury found that Fairchild Semiconductor did not infringe on two of the four U. S. patents claimed by Power Integrations, however, Fairchild Semiconductor was found to be infringing on two other U. S. patents for Power Integrations. Fairchild Semiconductor Products accused of infringement include some PWM controller products. Fairchild Semiconductor has launched the next generation of pin compatible alternatives for products affected by the ruling and will proactively inform customers of product information affected by the lawsuit.

Fairchild Semiconductor and Power Integrations have three other patent lawsuits under review. This includes a patent infringement lawsuit filed in Suzhou, China against Power Integrations, in which Fairchild Semiconductor alleged that Power Integrations infringed three Chinese patents of Fairchild Semiconductor. Fairchild Semiconductor is seeking a ban on Power Integrations infringing products and demanding millions of dollars in patent compensation.

at present, the two companies are waiting for the U. S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (U. S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) Ruling on a lawsuit appeal on 2004. Another lawsuit involving both companies claiming that the other party constitutes patent infringement is scheduled to be heard in San Francisco federal court in California next year.

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