Power Integrations releases new reference design for high Power LED lighting applications

by:MOSO     2020-01-08
innovative design can greatly reduce the number of components, so as to improve the efficiency and reliability of LED street lamps and High Bay lamps and reduce their size

Power Integrations company today introduced a suitable for LED street lamps, high bay lamps and other high Power new reference design for LED lighting applications. New Reference Design RDR- 382 introduces a HiperPFS™ using Power Integrations- 2 PFC controller IC and HiperLCS™ Constant current, 43 V (Rated), 150 W reference power supply.

The traditional two-stage driver adopts independent PFC stage and LLC stage to generate constant voltage (CV)Multiple DC-are required for output-The DC converter converts the output to a constant current (CC). In contrast, RDR- 382 adopts innovative feedback and control scheme, which enables LLC to provide constant current directly at the output. As a result, the number of components has been reduced by about 1/3, the efficiency has been increased to more than 93%, and DC-The DC converter greatly reduces the power supply size. In addition, the high rated LLC switching frequency (250 kHz) The size of the required magnetic core element can be reduced, and EMI interference can also be reduced by using continuous conduction mode frequency conversion PFC stage compared with the fixed frequency scheme.

Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: reliability is especially important for high-Power lighting applications with output Power above 75 W. Because the design is a high-efficiency design, the heat generated is very small, and the number of components is less, so it has a long service life.

RDR- 382 can be used to drive single or multiple LED strings through 0-10 VDC input for analog dimming.

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