Power Integrations releases InnoSwitch3 series high efficiency (94%)Offline reverse

by:MOSO     2019-12-17

The new InnoSwitch 3 highly integrated switching power supply IC can further reduce the loss by 25%, consistent high efficiency performance

Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) InnoSwitch™ released today Series 3 constant voltage/constant current off-line flyback switching power supply IC. The new device can provide 94% high-efficiency performance under any input voltage and load conditions, greatly reducing power loss by 25%, and can design a compact 65 W power supply without heat sink. InnoSwitch3 devices are suitable for power supplies that impose stringent requirements on energy consumption, form factor, or thermal constraints, especially those that must meet mandatory total energy consumption (TEC)Standard power supply.

The InnoSwitch3 IC product family is available in three versions for three specific applications:

l CE: external current. Using external output current detection can provide accurate constant current/constant voltage adjustment rate, thus improving design flexibility. Suitable for compact chargers, adapters, internet of things and building automation applications with only a single output voltage.

l CP: constant power. Suitable for USB power transmission (PD) , Fast charging and other applications requiring dynamic output voltage.

l EP: embedded power supply. The MOSFET with the highest rated voltage in this series is integrated (725 V) , Can provide comprehensive input voltage and load protection, and has excellent multi-output cross adjustment rate, suitable for demanding industrial control and home appliance applications.

these latest flyback switching Power supply ICs adopt the innovative isolated digital communication technology of Power Integrations-- FluxLink™ In addition, it also has synchronous rectification, quasi-resonant switch and accurate secondary feedback detection and control circuit. These characteristics can realize high efficiency, high precision and high reliability of power supply circuits without Optocouplers. InnoSwitch3 devices have passed CCC, UL and VDE safety certification and can be safely connected across the isolation belt. InSOP™- The 24 package can provide a thin scheme for high efficiency heat dissipation, and the primary side and the secondary side have a wider 11. 5 mm creepage distance and electrical clearance, higher reliability, stronger anti-surge and ESD capability. The new device also integrates perfect protection features, including lossless input overvoltage and undervoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, over-power protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection and output rectifier short circuit protection. In addition, the new IC also provides sub-series devices, which can select latch or automatic recovery function according to the typical requirements of each target application space. All InnoSwitch3 ICs are integrated with high voltage MOSFET ( CP and CE series use 650 V rated voltage MOSFET, EP series use 725 V rated voltage MOSFET).

Mike Matthews, vice president of product development for Power Integrations, said: InnoSwitch3 IC has brought the latest and most advanced technical solutions to flyback Power supply design. Compared with our previously highly efficient InnoSwitch products, these new devices are more efficient, can further reduce losses by 25%, and provide consistent and efficient performance under any input voltage and load conditions. InnoSwitch3 IC scheme has the characteristics of extremely simple system and few components, which can realize ultra-compact high-reliability power supply and has a wide range of applications.

InnoSwitch3 IC is suitable for adapters and open power supplies for consumer electronics, computers and industrial applications. InnoSwitch3-CP and InnoSwitch3- Ce ic samples have now been supplied, and the unit price per piece based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces is 1. $11 (CE)And 1. $15 (CP). InnoSwitch3- EP devices will be supplied in November 2017, with a unit price of 1. 10,000 units per unit based on the order quantity of units. $18. Designers can use our online selection tool to Build Your Own InnoSwitch and customize device characteristics according to their Own design specifications.

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