Power Integrations releases InnoSwitch series switch IC designed for switching Power supply

by:MOSO     2020-01-14

In this new device, high-precision secondary direct voltage and current measurements communicate in the safety isolation layer using highly digital FluxLinkTM technology. This proprietary new feedback technology can achieve precise control without a large optocoupler, while avoiding primary side regulation (PSR) Inherent performance defects, such as limited accuracy and efficiency, and slow transient response relative to no-load power consumption. Moreover, unlike the primary side regulation switch IC, the secondary side regulation based on InnoSwitch (SSR) The design itself is less sensitive to the tolerance of peripheral components such as Transformers, diodes, resistors and capacitors. This helps to greatly improve the manufacturing yield and reduce the overall cost of power supply. Today, A 5 A mobile device charger can have as few components as PSR design and provide accurate constant voltage and constant current control (Tolerance is /-3% and + /-5%)And low voltage ripple. Due to its high working efficiency and < With 10 mW of no-load power consumption, the IC can easily meet various efficiency standards, such as California Energy Commission, EU code of conduct (CoC) Tier 2 version 5th and U. S. Department of Energy standards to be enforced in February 2016 (DoE 6).

InnoSwitch power supply IC integrates high voltage power MOSFET, primary side controller, FluxLink feedback technology and synchronous rectification (SR)The secondary side controller of. The combination of synchronous rectification function and primary side main controller, as well as the utilization of FluxLink high-speed communication channel, optimizes the timing of synchronous rectification switch, thus maximizing efficiency. The fast communication link can also ensure high reliability synchronous rectification and eliminate discontinuous conduction mode (DCM)Or continuous conduction mode (CCM) The breakdown phenomenon existing in can be avoided even under Transient load and fault conditions. Effective synchronous rectification in DCM and CCM modes is particularly useful for adaptive voltage charger applications.

The InnoSwitch IC is started using the bias current provided by a high voltage current source connected to the drain pin, thus eliminating the need for external starting circuit elements. The external bias winding can reduce no-load power consumption and improve system efficiency during normal operation. In addition, the IC also has comprehensive system-level functions, such as output overvoltage protection, overload power limit, hysteresis thermal shutdown protection, and frequency jitter that can reduce EMI interference.

Mike Matthews, vice president of product development for Power Integrations, said: innoSwitch IC is the first switching IC that combines the simplicity of primary side regulation with the high performance of secondary side control. The high integration level of InnoSwitch product series can reduce the number of power supply components, and its secondary side adjustment topology allows the use of simpler and cheaper automatic winding transformers, while also improving the production yield, thereby greatly reducing manufacturing costs. At present, two world-leading mobile device manufacturers are producing chargers designed with this InnoSwitch series IC integrated with FluxLink technology.

InnoSwitch- CH is suitable for charger applications and is also the first device to be released in this product series. Samples are now available. InnoSwitch- The unit price of ch ic based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces is 0. 59 to 0. 78 dollars. Reference Design RDR- 420 introduces A 5 V/2 a usb charger design, which can now be downloaded from the website of Power Integrations: http://www . Power. Com/innoswitch-Ch.

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