Power Integrations releases InnoSwitch-Cp ic can significantly improve intelligent shift

by:MOSO     2020-01-13
Its constant power characteristics can be adapted to Qualcomm Quick Charge, USB- PD and other adaptive voltage protocols

Power Integrations company released InnoSwitch today- CP series constant voltage/constant current off-line flyback switching IC. This new device uses constant power output technology when paired with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™3. 0 or USB- When adaptive voltage protocols such as PD are used, smart mobile device manufacturers can shorten the charging time of many products. Developers can greatly shorten the charging time and improve the charging efficiency by adopting adaptive charging technology, and can also be compatible with the previous use of usb bc 1. 2 Standard 5V output universal charger, which can minimize the cost of thermal management and battery charging system.

InnoSwitch- Cp ic uses Power Integrations's innovative FluxLink™ Technology, the application of this technology can not only realize high-performance Secondary feedback control, but also has the advantages of simple circuit and small number of components that only primary feedback control usually has. FluxLink technology can also optimize the output synchronous rectification effect, ensuring extremely high efficiency over the entire load range. For example, at 230 VAC input, the space-time load power consumption is less than 10 mW, while the full load efficiency is as high as over 90%. InnoSwitch- CP devices can easily meet all energy efficiency standards worldwide.

Shyam Dujari, product marketing director of Power Integrations, explained: the cost of the charger is proportional to its rated Power, however, the voltage and current required for the optimal fast charging of the battery depend on factors such as battery size, chemical charge level and thermal environment. InnoSwitch- By providing constant power output characteristics, CP enables battery-powered devices to obtain maximum power from the charger under any given output voltage conditions, thus saving charging time and reducing costs. OEM's adoption of this product can enable consumers to shorten the charging time and increase the availability time of equipment, while also simplifying the accessory supply chain.

InnoSwitch- Cp ic has a complete set of advanced protection functions, including overvoltage protection (OVP); Automatic restart overcurrent protection when the output is reduced to 3V (OCP); Thermal shutdown protection with hysteresis and input overvoltage protection with precise input voltage slow rise/slow fall threshold. The device fully meets the safety standard: 100% of the products are tested for HIPOT compliance with 6 kV DC time of 1 second during production; Strengthen insulation; Conduct insulation voltage test above 3,500 VAC. By UL1577 and TUV (EN60950)Safety certification, in line with EN61000-4-8 (100 A/m)And EN61000-4-9 (1000 A/m)Standard.

two types of devices are currently available. The INN2214K IC provides 15W output power and is suitable for charger and adapter applications in the universal input voltage range, while the larger INN2215K can provide up to 22 W output power in similar applications. InnoSwitch-CP samples are now accepted for order. The unit price of the device is 0. 10,000 pieces based on the order quantity of pieces. $90.

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