Power Integrations releases a full range of switching Power supply ICs integrated with 900V MOSFET

by:MOSO     2020-01-07

Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code POWI) Recently, a series of offline switching power supply ICs integrated with 900 V primary MOSFET have been released. The newly released devices include not only ICs suitable for high efficiency isolated flyback power supply, but also ICs suitable for simple non-isolated buck converter. Its application scope includes 480 VAC three-phase industrial power supply and power supply design for high-quality consumer electronic products specially designed for unstable power grid areas, tropical areas that are often struck by lightning, or areas where high-energy oscillating waves and surges often occur.

New products include 900 V LinkSwitch™ for simple non-isolated buck converters- TN2 IC and three InnoSwitch™ for 35 W extremely high efficiency isolated flyback power supply3-EP flagship series IC. All 900 V series devices have internal control engines that provide consistent efficiency over the entire load range, making it easy to design energy-related products (ErP)The limit. In addition, these devices can also provide a variety of input voltage and load protection, further enhancing system stability and reliability.

900V LinkSwitch- TN2 IC can provide a buck converter switching power supply scheme with the least number of components. The current limiting points of these devices can be set externally, and the automatic restart protection characteristics under short circuit and open loop fault conditions are fully integrated. The use of frequency modulation can greatly reduce EMI. Whether on PCB board or IC package, the device can ensure that the high voltage creepage distance and space distance between the drain pin and other pins meet the requirements.

900V InnoSwitch3- EP flyback switching power supply IC can provide lossless input overvoltage protection detection, and can automatically interrupt the switch when the input voltage exceeds the selected threshold, it can prevent damage to the power supply under severe input overvoltage. The device can provide industry-leading high efficiency performance under various input voltage and load conditions (Efficiency up to 90%) , Thus reducing power loss and realizing a compact 35 W power supply design without heat sink. These 900V InnoSwitch3- Ep ic adopts Power Integrations innovative isolated digital communication technology-- FluxLink™In addition, it also has synchronous rectification (SR)Quasi-resonance (QR) Switch and accurate secondary side feedback detection and control circuit. These characteristics can realize high efficiency, high precision and high reliability of power supply circuits without unreliable Optocouplers.

Silvestro Fimiani, senior product marketing manager, said: these switching power supply ICs enable designers of three-phase meters, motors, industrial auxiliary power supplies, household appliances and mobile phone chargers to realize truly compatible power supply design and meet the reliability expectations of users around the world. For example, OEM manufacturers committed to opening up emerging markets for high-quality consumer products in India are constantly experiencing electrical damage and must repair or replace returned products. Our 900 V switching power supply IC can provide low-cost and effective protection while greatly reducing operating and product support costs.

900V InnoSwitch3-Ep ic samples are now available.

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