Power Integrations release efficiency reached 98. 5% high voltage BLDC motor driver IC product series

by:MOSO     2020-01-10

Power Integrations, a well-known company deeply engaged in the field of high-voltage integrated circuit energy-efficient Power conversion (Nasdaq stock code POWI) Recently released BridgeSwitch™Integrated half-bridge circuit (IHB)The motor driver IC product series. The BridgeSwitch IC is internally integrated with two performance-enhanced fredbet ( Field Effect Transistor with fast recovery epitaxial diode) Respectively for semi-bridge circuit of the tube and has no loss of current detection function can make 300 W within of Brushless DC (BLDC) The inverter conversion efficiency in motor driver application reaches 98. 5%. The IHB driver provides excellent efficiency and distributed heat dissipation methods, which can eliminate heat sinks and help reduce system cost and weight. Due to its integrated lossless current detection, bus voltage detection and system-level over-temperature detection, this device series is very suitable for BLDC motor drive applications in household appliances. BridgeSwitch devices are suitable for refrigerator compressors, HVAC system fans, and other domestic and light commercial pumps, fans, and fans.

The 600 V fredpet used in BridgeSwitch IC integrates a fast ultra-soft recovery body diode. This helps to greatly reduce switching losses and noise generation, thus simplifying system-level EMC design. This new high voltage self-powered half-bridge motor driver IC also has built-in device protection and system monitoring features, as well as a reliable single-wire interface for updating working conditions, communicate between the motor microprocessor and up to three BridgeSwitch devices. The current limiting points of the upper and lower tubes of each BridgeSwitch device can be set separately, so that the microprocessor and related peripheral circuits do not need to provide protection for the entire system in case of open or short circuit of the motor winding. The integrated lossless current monitoring feature can provide hardware-based motor fault protection, helping to simplify the motor fault protection mechanism to meet IEC60335-1 and IEC60730-1 requirements.

Cristian Ionescu, senior product marketing manager- Catrina said: We have re-examined the challenges facing the rapidly growing BLDC market and the increasingly stringent energy-saving standards and regulations around the world, so we have introduced both energy and space savings, innovative solutions that can streamline BOM. The new scheme can not only easily meet safety standards, but also simplify circuits and shorten development time.

Other characteristics of the new device include PWM operating frequency up to 20 kHz, while also providing small signal output reflecting accurate and real-time fredset drain current magnitude, its amplitude is mirrored with the forward current of the motor winding. Its safety features include two-stage device overtemperature detection, cycle-By-Cycle current limiting for lower and upper tubes, and DC bus overvoltage and undervoltage protection and reporting. The new device is compatible with all common control algorithms-Magnetic field oriented control (FOC) , Sinusoidal control and trapezoidal control algorithm with sensor and sensorless detection. For these three control modes, please refer to the reference design DER-654, DER-653 and DER-749. BridgeSwitch uses thin surface mount InSOP-24C package, its creepage distance is greater than 3. 2mm, heat dissipation using PCB can be realized through two bare pads.

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