Power Integrations provide SCALE gate drivers with three-proof paint

by:MOSO     2020-01-06

high pressure inverter application field IGBT and MOSFET drive technology of leader Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Announced today for its SCALE™ IGBT and MOSFET drivers provide three-proof paint coating service at the factory. Three-proof paint can prevent electronic components from being corroded by pollutants, dust and condensate, thus improving system reliability. Power Integrations's door driver is factory coated with three-proof paint, and manufacturers do not need to send the board to subcontractors for cleaning and painting, which can reduce inventory costs, shorten delivery cycle and reduce total cost of ownership.

Power Integrations uses high-grade acrylic varnish, which is widely used in industry and automobile industry. This highly automated painting process fully complies with IEC 60068- 2 test standards, and 100% adopt optical inspection to ensure stable and consistent quality. The SCALE gate driver coated with three-proof paint has passed UL®Certification.

2SC0106T, 2SC0108T, 2SC0435T, 2SP0115T and 1SP0335 Gate Driver series will first provide coated three-proof paint versions, the 2SD300C17, 2SC0535T, 2SC0635T, 2SP0320 and 1SP0635V series will also be available in three-proof paint versions soon. In the future, all other products will also be available in the factory three-proof paint version for customers to choose.

Michael Hornkamp, senior marketing director of Power Integrations Gate Driver products, said: for applications such as wind power inverters, traction inverters, hvdc mmc stations, photovoltaic and industrial drives, which are usually harsh environments, such customers can benefit from the factory three-proof paint process. We test, clean and paint the drive board in our own factory, which can reduce the chance of pollution of the drive board before painting, and because the third-party subcontractor link is omitted, the new process will also save time and cost, and eliminate the inconvenience.

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