Power Integrations offers a wall switch solution that does not require a midline connection for smart home lighting

by:MOSO     2019-12-31

generally, smart wall switches with wireless connection, human body sensing and/or voice control functions require a midline connection to power the device, this requirement is sometimes difficult to meet when the existing lines are modified. The midline-free product is suitable for the old incandescent bulb lighting application, which is due to the fact that when the intelligent switch is in standby mode, the AC input current allowed to pass through the load is small enough to heat the filament of the incandescent bulb. However, for the application of LED lamps and compact fluorescent lamps, if the current of the internal power supply of the intelligent switch is relatively large, it will lead to unacceptable flicker phenomenon, commonly known as Ghost phenomenon. The reason is that the leaked energy is accumulated in the bulb, which can cause intermittent start-up and short-term light emission of the lamp.

DER- 622 is a standby current consumption less than 500 & micro; A's Bluetooth low energy consumption (LE)Wall switch. The design is based on LinkSwitch™ of Power Integrations. - TN2 offline switching power supply IC, the static consumption current of the device is less than 75 & micro; A. This series of ICS has ultra-low current consumption and high light load efficiency, which can ensure compatibility with energy-efficient LED bulbs with rated power as low as 3 W, and is suitable for wall switch wiring without midline.

LinkSwitch- TN2 devices are configured to support flyback or buck topologies, providing high-precision output with better voltage adjustment accuracy than ±3%. This series of IC integrates many safety features, including input and output overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, output short circuit protection and robust 725 V power MOSFET, thus enhancing system reliability. In DER-In 622, LinkSwitch- TN2 power supply IC is applied to non-isolated flyback topology and half-wave AC input rectification is adopted to reduce the cost of the scheme. This power supply provides two outputs, 12 V for driving relays, 3. 8 V is used to power the Bluetooth LE controller.

Hubie Notohamiprodjo, marketing director of Power Integrations LED lighting products, said: lighting control products such as intelligent wall switches and human body sensing sensors play an important role in improving energy efficiency in residential and building areas. Many residential wiring conditions are incompatible with existing products or need to be rewired, which will increase costs and hinder the adoption of products. LinkSwitch- TN2 is simple and easy to use, with ultra-low current consumption, so it can realize this single live wire intelligent switch scheme that is compatible with low-power LED bulbs and does not require midline wiring applications.

The main applications include wireless lighting control, human body sensor, motion detector, wall dimmer and sunshade control. DER-622 available from http://www . Power. Com/der-Download 622.

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