Power Integrations new LYTSwitch-2 isolated LED driver IC can

by:MOSO     2019-12-29

LYTSwitch- The 2 LED driver IC uses primary side control, so only a single-sided PCB with a small number of components and high cost effectiveness is required. In addition, driver isolation allows the LED to be directly connected to the metal heat sink, avoiding the addition of an electrically isolated housing, which is usually required by non-isolated drivers. Accurate constant current at different temperatures (CC)Output tolerance (Both low and high voltage inputs are better /-5%) This can be reduced to meet the us energy star® The need for excessive system design due to minimum delivery lumen specifications. Using LYTSwitch- The design of the 2 IC also has extremely high efficiency-Up to 90% in typical applications.

LYTSwitch- 2 IC can provide input voltage surge protection for LED load, which helps to prolong the service life of bulbs in areas where mains voltage is often easy to reach peak. Constant current and constant voltage (CC/CV) The control function can keep the voltage at the output of the driver constant during no-load operation, thus avoiding damaging the output filter or turning off the driver when testing or installing the driver without connecting the LED lamp string.

Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: LYTSwitch- The LED driver IC can be used as a platform to create 1 W to 12 W products, which are very suitable for low-cost bulb, ballast, downlight and tube applications. Due to the high stability of our IC and the tight control of the differences between devices, engineers can ensure that its design has high repeatability and high manufacturability, the performance difference of the final power supply product is minimal or almost no difference.

LYTSwitch- 2 LED driver IC has overheating, overcurrent and feedback loop disconnection protection functions, and PI Expert design software combined with Power Integrations can make the design process extremely simple. Our devices offer small, cost-effective SO- 8 package and MSOP and eSIP package, the latter two packages have effective thermal conductivity in higher power applications. LYTSwitch- 2 IC orders based on 10,000 pieces start at 0. $52 (SO-8 package).

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